Under The Sea Inspiration: Costumes and Crafts For A Birthday Party

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The time has come around again to start planning your little one’s birthday party. It seems to come round quicker and quicker every year; no matter how prepared you think you are you always seem stuck for inspiration for their special celebration. Hosting an enjoyable party for your kids has always been a hugely important tradition for you, so it is time to explore life under the sea. Choose this magical theme for your child’s next party and you are sure to have a sensationally splashing time. Use your creative flair to pull together costumes, food and decorations which will make their perfect day come true.

Magical Mermaids

Making your own costumes is one of the most thrilling parts of organizing a themed party, especially if you get your little one involved. Ask them for ideas and get a feel for what they want to wear for their magical party. A mermaid would be a perfect option for an under the sea party and this mermaid sequin fabric would be the ideal way to begin your creation. Look online for more inspiration on making your own costumes and you will find a whole load of handy hints there too.


Dazzling Deep Sea Decor

Once you have a good idea for a costume then it’s time to get started on the decorations. Your local party store will have a tonne of fun decorative items which will make your party venue pop. Try and look for textured blues, greens and turquoises to tie the theme in beautifully. You could even have a go at making your own under the sea decorations with your children. This could also be a fun activity to do during the party!

Fabulous Fishy Food

Food is obviously a hugely important part of a birthday party and themed snacks are even more fun. Get your creative chef’s hat on and think of some cool under the theme ideas which could go hand in hand with your food. Imagine things like, green jellyfish jello and octopus cookies the options are endless!

Crabs, Coral and Cakes

The birthday cake is another really important aspect of the party so ask your little one what they’d love to see. Instead of outsourcing the baking duties to a caterer, why not try making it yourself? Take inspiration from the nature around you if you need some guidance. From sand castles to sea lions you could truly make your under the sea cake completely unique.


Hosting a party doesn’t need to be a huge expense to you and your family. Throwing a themed party such as this means that you have the creative control to go as big or small as you prefer. Depending on where you host the party will also depend on the types of decorations you want to make, so it is all about your personal tastes. Most of all, enjoy putting together your under the sea party. You want to create happy, fond memories which are going to last a lifetime for your little one.

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