Turning Up The Heat In Your Home (Without Using More Energy)

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It’s always worth fixing up your heating before the cold nights set in. But this shouldn’t just mean making adjustments to your central heating. There are ways in which you can keep your home warmer for longer without having to fiddle with a thermostat. Here are just a few ways to make your home warmer for the winter.

Invest in insulation

Insulation is the main way of preventing heat loss in your home. There are many different types including loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, underfloor insulation, pipe insulation and double glazing. All of these will trap heat in your home longer. Insulation can be expensive to install but there are now grants available as provided by sites like https://energy.gov/energy-economy/funding-financing, making it more accessible to those living on a low income.

Seal up cracks

Any cracks in your walls could be letting out excess heat and potentially letting in drafts. Small cracks can easily be patched up with caulk, but for bigger cracks it could be worth calling in a professional. You’ll find companies online such as https://www.fortworthfoundation.net/repair-cracks-in-walls that can sort out these big cracks. It’s also worth considering gap between doors and doorframes and windows and window frames – you can buy draft protectors to put on these.

Buy thick curtains

Your summer sash curtains won’t help you in the winter. Thick curtains are worth buying for these cold months – when drawn they will trap heat in your home and stop cold air seeping through your window. Be aware of closing curtains over radiators as this will stop the heat getting out and warming up the rest of the room.

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Keep your feet warm

If you’ve got wooden or ceramic tiled floors, you may find that your feet are getting cold in winter. Underfloor heating consumes energy and is expensive to install, whilst carpets are too permanent a solution. Instead, buy a few rugs to lay down around the house. Adding a new finish to an old wooden or tiled floor could also make it warmer to tread on.

Cover leather sofas

Leather sofas can be uncomfortable to sit on during the winter months. Sofa throws as found at sites such as http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/textiles-rugs/blankets-throws/ can be a good temporary option to keep your bum warm. You may also be able to warm up the sofa by adding a few fluffy cushions. A throw can also make a good addition to your bedding, giving you that extra layer in the winter or acting as an alternative to the duvet in summer when it’s too warm.

Foil your radiators

If your home has radiators, half of the heat could be getting lost through the wall behind it. A good trick for stopping this heat from being lost is to plate the wall behind with tinfoil. The foil will deflect the heat back into the room, so you won’t be turning up those radiators as often in an attempt to get the room warm.  


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