Traveling with E-Cigs: What You Need to Know

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If you’re a vaper who’s planning to go on vacation, it’s highly likely that you’ll be planning on taking your trusty e-cigarette with you – vacations can be traps for many ex-smokers with the tempting offer of duty free and cheap cigarettes, and many vacation destinations are in locations that still heavily promote the tobacco industry. As an ex-smoker, you’ll be wanting to avoid all of this, so what better way to take your e-cigarette along for the ride in order for you to be able to get your nicotine fix as and when you need it without succumbing to smoking conventional cigarettes. Here are just a few things that you’ll need to know before travelling with your e-cig.

Some Countries Have Banned Them

Yes – some countries have actually banned e-cigs but continue to allow the smoking of regular tobacco and cigarettes, a move we haven’t quite been able to get our head around either. However, if you’re travelling to one of these countries, you will need to be aware that if you are seen using your e-cigarette, you’re likely to have it taken off you and could also be landed a hefty fine. Visitors to Singapore will be faced with a fine if caught using an e-cig, and they’re also banned in Brazil and Egypt. It’s a good idea to check the legal status of the country you’re visiting regarding e-cigarettes and vaping before you go, as regulations vary between different countries.

Flying and Vaping

The vast majority of airlines will not allow you to vape whilst on the flight, and treat electronic cigarettes much the same as a conventional cigarette – you will usually need to go to the smoker’s shelter or designated smoking area to vape at an airport. When it comes to getting through customs you will usually be allowed to take an e-cigarette and up to two batteries in your hand luggage, and you can put e-liquids in the clear plastic bag provided they’re under 100ml and the total of your liquids does not exceed 1 liter.

Buying Accessories Abroad

Many countries abroad do not have a great selection of e-liquids and other e-cigarette accessories on sale, so it’s a wise idea to stock up before you go and take as many e-liquids and spare parts (which can be bought from along with you as you can. If you’re visiting some European countries such as Portugal you may be able to buy e-cigarettes and e-liquids, however they are not quite as popular yet as they are in the United States and United Kingdom, and you may find it’s a bit of a task to find a basic e-liquid mixture, plus you should also be aware that many other countries aren’t subject to the same regulations and the e-liquids might have additional ingredients in them that you’re not used to.

Have you travelled with an e-cigarette? Where did you travel to, and were there any restrictions? If you have any advice for fellow travelling vapers, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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