Trash Can Writing Prompt- Seven Things I Want to Do Before I Die #Bucket List

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I was this writing prompt from the Trash Can Bloggers and figured I’d give it a go.  I had a bucket list of sorts growing up and I have accomplished many of the things on the list.  Of course they were things like get married, have children, etc.  Now that I am a little a lot older I figured I’d write a new list with this writing prompt so here goes!

Seven Things I Want to Do Before I Die (I am taking out the Before I Die part because it just sounds too morbid.
1. Take my kids to NY to see play in snow while they are still children
2. Go on another cruise with my family Done, March 2014 for my 40th Birthday
3. Put enough money into savings to not have to worry (not even sure how much would make me feel this way)
4. Get a dog (I am trying to wear hubby down on this one) Done, August 2013.  We love our lab mix puppy, Cooper!
5. Go to Israel
6. Go to Europe with my hubby (England, France, Italy, Greece are all on my list)
7. Travel around the United States to see national landmarks like the Grand Canyon, The White House, etc.

Bonus 3 to make an even 10:
8. Go skiing
9. Lose weight AND keep it off
10.  Stop biting my nails

Wow, now I am realizing that I could go on and on with more things.  And my list is quite random.
What’s on your list?  I’d love to hear your ideas.  Please comment below!


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  1. sue killgore says:

    I am much older now and realize that time has passed so quickly that I will not be able to do all the things I wanted to do. But I am trying to help others realize that they can do it with careful planning and foregoing the silly little things we spend money on. Put back that Starbucks money for your trip, cut back on fast food once a week. Soon you will have enough to take that trip and it won’t even hurt. I want to go to Ireland and Hawaii, but poor planning on my part has left me with very little resources to do so. Therefore, I will do better in my next life. Don’t release your dreams.

  2. Bring your kids to NH right now – they’d have the time of their lives. We just had a good 12″-15″ dumped on us today of sticky wet snow. We were only suppose to get 4″-7″ inches – guess mother nature fooled the weather men! The snowmen they could make would be amazing! Making snow angels would be so fun – the snow would hold well so they could see themselves as angels when they get up 🙂 And….the snow is so very fresh that you could make snow cream. As for me – One thing I want to do – I want to go to NY with my sister and daughter. My sister knows where the house is that our dad built and she knows the city from growing up there as a child.

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