Training Your Pooch: Get Your Dog Ready For Competition

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Whether you’re the proud owner of a thoroughbred retriever or have been competing with short-haired pointers for years; you’ll want to give your beloved dog the best chance possible if they’re entering a competition. You might be fresh to the competition world, or just in need of a little reminder on how to keep on top of your preparation. Planning each stage of your pooch’s journey to potential awards is a crucial element of the process. Therefore, the following are things to consider if you’re embarking on the adventure towards competing with your dog, and a helping hand for those who are just starting out.

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Invest Where Needed

If you’re rusty to competition, or a complete beginner; you’ll need to invest some time, effort, and money in helping your dog to reach the required standard for your chosen event. Start with training; unless you’ve worked in the field of training dogs, you’ll want a qualified professional to come and help you teach your pooch what to do. The expert will be training you at the same time, so take note of what they do and say, and implement a training schedule for when they’re not there. You also want your canine to look the part; so make sure you invest in the grooming and maintenance of their appearance and prepare your dog while ensuring that it meets the guidelines of the competition. A quick shampoo and brushing their fur will not suffice when it comes to competitions, so be smart and seek the help of a professional and reputable dog groomer.

Getting The Admin Done

Whatever level that you and your dog are hoping to compete at; you’ll need to ensure that you register for specific competitions in time, with a thorough understanding of what’s required for each of you. You can take a look here: to discover how to the AKC Championship points, for a clearer understanding of what you’ll be up against and how your canine measures up. You don’t want to waste your time with training and your money on grooming if you’re unable to compete or move forward with your dog for an array of other factors. Therefore, make sure they’re qualified, and that you’ve sorted out the relevant paperwork needed for each event, well ahead of time.

Confidence Is Key

You may have all the correct paperwork, certification, and applications in place; but, these will have little meaning if your dog just isn’t cut out for competition life. Nervous and insecure dogs can be trained to be obedient and utilize their skills; however, if they become terrified of the competition arena setting, they’re unlikely to perform as you’d hope. Test your dog’s personality and character out in an array of environments and gauge whether or not they’ll be able to cope and do well when they compete. Have a look here: and discover the signs that your dog may not be ready to compete, or doesn’t fit the criteria needed due to its personality.


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