Top Toys To Get Kids Playing Outside

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If you asked a child what their favorite things to do include, you might be disappointed to find TV, app games and watching movies are top of their list. All these gadgets to provide media have combined with our natural fears of them being out of our sight to create kids that don’t go out.

Children need to be able to play outdoors, but the world we live in just isn’t safe anymore. At least that’s what we’re told in the press. If you are like the millions of other parents who wished their kids would play out more often, then check out this list of top 5 outdoor toys:

  1. Scooter: These come in a variety of sizes, starting with four wheels or three wheels for children aged 3 and up. You can buy them branded with favorite kids’ characters. Don’t forget the safety wear! Pads, helmets and gloves are all essential to reduce injury should they take a tumble. Scooters are great fun in the yard or the play park, and provide great exercise for children. Most importantly, you get to ride it back home when you’ve dropped them off at school!
  2. Go Kart: Pedal power or battery power? The choice is yours. Battery powered ones that can be remote controlled by you is great for little tots whose legs aren’t quite long or strong enough for pedaling. They vary in price, and they’re not cheap but karts like crazy cart from razor and others are proving to be great motivators for kids to get outdoors.
  3. Swingset: When you’re worried about the possibility of bullying or pedophiles lurking at the local play park, buying a back yard swing set maybe a good idea. They are more expensive nowadays because they are safer. The structure and the paint were always causes for concern, but better regulation of standards means we can buy these things with peace of mind. From a single swing to slides, climbing frames and see-saws, these sets are great for keeping the kids outdoors and active.
  4. Trampolines: Don’t you wish these were around when we were kids? There are trampolines out there for every budget. Smaller ones with a hold-on bar are great for toddlers to learn to bounce and find their balance. Bigger trampolines take 2 or 3 kids or even the weight of an adult. These tend to be better for ages 6 and up, but with close supervision, it’s possible for smaller kids to enjoy the sensation of bouncing. Essential accessories include weather protection, safety net and a ladder. Take the net down in high wind to avoid the trampoline blowing over into the neighbor garden.outside toysImage from Flickr
  5. Soccer ball: A simple and cheap device to get your kids playing out in the yard and is great for parent-child time. Simply kicking a ball to each other burns lots of calories and greatly improves gross motor skills in kids. These balls are light enough to be bounced and thrown too, and the sphere shape is easy for smaller kids to handle.




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