Top Tips To Improve Your Home’s Exterior

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We tend to spend hours working on the inside of our homes. We spend a fortune upgrading the kitchen and renovating the living room. After all, these are the spaces we spend most of our time. But, we all tend to forget about the all-important front aspect. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the best-looking house on the street? Property developers refer to this as ‘curb-appeal’. In other words, it’s all about the first-impression your house makes. Getting it right will add value to your house. Most importantly, it will give you a sense of pride!

The roof – The roof is one of the most neglected parts of the house, and it will degrade over time. Think about it; when was the last time you updated your roofing? Perhaps you need to replace missing or wonky tiles. Perhaps the roofing parts are starting to come loose. In terms of aesthetics, make a point of cleaning out your guttering. It can easily gather excess dirt, and start to look unsightly. Eventually, this will lead to more damaging problems.

The front door – It’s the first thing you notice when you approach a house, and it makes a real statement. It’s time to make sure yours is looking its best. If you’ve got a wooden door, start with a new coat of paint. That will cover up any peeling, and hide any scratches. Next, replace the fittings for a more modern and up-to-date look. Try replacing the letterbox, the door knocker, and the house number. Make sure they match, and shine them so they glisten. Of course, you could simply replace the front door with a new alternative.

Windows – Don’t forget to keep those windows perfectly clean and shiny. Give them a regular thorough clean inside and out. Windows have a habit of collecting dust and grime, and you often won’t notice the slow build up. It’s also worth turning your attention to the window sills. If the paint is peeling, choose a bright white paint to cover it up, and bring it back to life. If the windows are particularly old and rotten, consider replacing them with double or triple glazing.

Front garden – If you’re lucky enough to have a small garden space, make sure you keep it well maintained. That means mowing and irrigating the lawn every couple of weeks, and trimming the edges to the keep it neat. Try planting flowers to mark the edges, and create border lines around the garden area. Last of all, keep any bushes and trees neatly cropped back.

Patios and paving – The final thing to do is check your driveway and paving area. If you have a path leading up to the front door, make sure it is free of weeds and cracks. You can replace broken slabs quite easily, and at an affordable price. Use a power hose to keep them clean too.

Follow this advice, and you’ll quickly create the best-looking house on the street! You’ll boost your property value, and create a fantastic first impression.


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