Top Tips For Creating The Perfect Shared Bedroom For Your Kids

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Creating a shared bedroom for two or more children can be demanding. First there’s the issue of space. Kids come with a huge amount of stuff, and it can be really challenging to find space for one child’s belongings, never mind two or three. Secondly, you have to deal with the competing wishlists of each of your children which can be hard to combine, especially when you have a little boy and a little girl. Thankfully, things can be done to deal with these problems so that you can create a room that makes everyone happy. Here are some helpful tips on how you can achieve the perfect shared bedroom for your children.


  • Create “zones”


If you are finding it difficult to find a decor solution that pleases each of your children, you might find it helpful to consider creating zones. So that you still keep some cohesion in the room, I would recommend sticking to a neutral color for the walls, ceiling and floor. The colors that each of your children prefer can be added with items like bean bags, bed sheets, wall stickers, etc. If you want to give them a little privacy when they are in their zone, a curtain or room separator will help.


  • Decorate upwards


If you are working with a small room and you are struggling for storage space, thinking upwards rather than outwards when it comes to decorating. This will allow you to make the most of the space you have. So, for example, instead of side-by-side single beds, look for bunk bed plans that will use far less floor space. Kids usually adore bunk beds so this decision is bound to have them jumping for joy. Additionally shelves that climb the walls will be more space efficient than squat storage cabinets.

15148290326_e382304aa8_zImage: Philippe Put


  • Fold away furniture


Having to buy two or more of every item of furniture can mean there is barely any room for your children to move. The lack of room to move around could lead to frequent squabbles. However, by choosing furniture that can be folded and stored, like desks and chairs, you can ensure each child has the furniture they need without it taking up too much space.


  • Separate lights


Another great tip for shared bedrooms is to provide individual lighting, as well as a central fitting. If one child is older and is allowed to stay up a bit later to read if the main lights are kept on, this could keep your younger child awake. Lights can be fitted into bunk beds so that each kid can easily switch them off and on when they need. And bedside lamps will be helpful if you have two separate single beds.


  • Under bed storage


If you have space under the beds, this is such a useful area to store clothes, toys and books. A lot of beds these days come fitted with drawers underneath which really come in handy. Otherwise, you can use storage boxes to keep items clean and tidy.

Creating a shared bedroom that has ample storage space, and that pleases the individual personalities of your children can be difficult. However, I hope that these tips will help you to create the perfect space. Thanks for reading!

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