Top Reasons You Should Stop Smoking This Year

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Most people now understand that smoking is incredibly dangerous. Not only does it cost a lot of money due to the levy western governments place on tobacco, but it could also result in you landing in an early grave. Just in case there is still some confusion between some of you, we thought it would make sense to highlight some of the main benefits of stopping this year. Our top reasons should be enough to convince you that puffing away on a cigarette is not only bad for your health, but it has negative implications for your entire life.

  • You will have more energy

There is no getting away from the fact that smokers damage their lungs. For that reason, they often get out of breath when undertaking the most basic of exercise regimes. So, most smokers refrain from doing anything too vigorous. That results in them becoming unfit and rather lazy in most instances. If you stop smoking this year, you should notice you have more energy very quickly. Some ex-smokers claim they could see the effects of stopping after only a couple of weeks.

  • You won’t smell

Like it or not, tobacco smoke has a rather distinctive smell. While you might not notice it as a smoker, many other people will. That could mean you lose out at job interviews because you fail to impress. It could also mean you have trouble finding a life partner. At the end of the day, people know that those who smoke have less regard for their health. Why would anyone want to get involved with someone who isn’t interested in making sure they live to old age?

  • You can get lots of help

You only have to visit your family doctor to find out about all the help available for people who want to stop smoking. There are plenty of devices like electronic cigarettes that can help to reduce your dependency on tobacco and nicotine. Just check out some Ecig ratings and reviews to find out which would suit you best. You could also consider using patches, gum and a whole host of alternative products. There might be some support groups you could attend too.

  • You will keep your kids healthy

Passive smoking is one of the main reasons cigarettes have been banned indoors in many countries around the world. If you have children in your home, smoking around them could create negative consequences. That is especially the case if they suffer from any conditions like Asthma.

Now you’ve read through our reasons to stop smoking; we’re pretty confident you’ll agree that it is a good idea. While getting off the cigarettes might be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done, you will feel so proud of yourself if you manage to do it. Don’t worry too much if things go badly during your first attempt. Everyone relapses from time to time. You simply have to stick with it. Ask your family for some support if you are finding it difficult, and try not to replace smoking with eating. Many people pile the pounds on when giving up.



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