Top 5 Neglected Areas Of The Home

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All homes have problem areas that their owners forget about. Perhaps they never get cleaned, or they just become dumping grounds or temporary storage solutions. And, the only time people will notice them is when they are frantically tidying up, or trying to find that thing they are ‘sure’ they put there. Here the top five spaces of the home that many folks neglect.

The linen closet

Towels, sheets, flannels, old blankets: the average linen cupboard is usually full to the brim. However, with some simple organization, it’s easy to free up space and get things into order. Anyone struggling to fit things in should consider moving linen or towels into the room it is used in. If the cupboards are still crowded, slimming down the inventory can help. Most households can get by on a remarkably small number of towels with the right systems in place.

The pantry

The pantry should be well organized and split into categories. Labels come in handy, and home-keepers should try to run a sensible rotating policy to reduce wastage. A shopping list pinned to the wall can come in handy to stop overstocking – and overspending. Above all, though, the pantry should be clear of mess taken in from other rooms – it can often turn into a laundry extension, for example.

Under the sink

The sink area is for cleaning products, but care should be taken to remove empty bottles and old cloths for recycling. Many family homes suffer from overfill in their sink cupboards. It’s advisable to find alternative storage areas for anything that doesn’t belong in there. Another issue is safety. Children are curious creatures, and with all the bleach and chemicals under the sink, it can often be a danger area. Anything that could cause an accident should be stored elsewhere. This includes tools, paint, and sharp objects.

The porch

The porch is another area a lot of people neglect. It can become a dumping ground for all kinds of things, including kids toys, shoes and boots, and garden tools. Front doors often suffer from chipped paintwork and frames. There are also safety issues, too, so anyone with concerns should replace their old door with a more secure, modern front door. Doors should be painted at least once a year, usually after winter as part of spring cleaning.


The shed is yet another traditional dumping ground. People have a tendency to tidy up their gardens as quickly as possible, jamming things in where they can. The result is a shed that has many hazards lying around. Everything should have its own home in a shed so shelves and storage must be a priority. People should also take care to make regular inspections of their sheds, as rotting and holes can cause significant damage.

The areas of the home that are most neglected all have one thing in common. Each of them has a use, but most people spend very little time in them. However, if things are in a messy state, it can be time-consuming to find anything as and when it is needed. Neglect can also lead to safety problems, so anyone with young families should take greater care to keep on top of things.

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