Tips For Designing The Perfect Bedroom For Your Toddler

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At some point or another, your toddler will outgrow their nursery. You may feel a little emotional at the idea of letting their baby bedroom go, but as your little one starts to grow up, a design change is a must. Once babies become toddlers, they are much more aware of their surroundings. That’s why, swapping their nursery for a beautiful ‘grown up’ bedroom is so important.

When it comes to designing a bedroom for a toddler, many of us don’t know where to start. There are just so many factors to take into consideration, that coming up with a suitable design idea can be tricky.

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To make the process a little easier, I thought I would share a few tips with you, here:

Take your little one’s interests into account

The chances are that once your baby becomes a toddler, he or she will have a few interests. This could be the love of a certain type of animal or a preference for a certain color. Whatever your child likes, find a way to incorporate it into their new bedroom.

Getting toddlers to sleep in their own bed can be tricky, but by making their bedroom a space they love, you can make this easier. If your little one likes their room, they will be more likely to be happy sleeping in there at night.

Tip: Don’t forget to plug a nightlight in for your child, as this can help make them feel safe in their own bed.

Opt for bright, bold colors

Children love color, so it’s important to include bright, bold shades throughout their bedroom. If you don’t like the idea of painting the walls in a bright color, you can always opt for plain walls and bold accessories.

There are so many ways you can make your child’s bedroom nice and bright, without painting the walls in a bold color. Curtains, rugs, toddler bedding, lamps, and toy boxes, can all be used to make the room more colorful.

Make it a safe

For a young child, the most important thing their bedroom can be is safe. This means that there shouldn’t be anything in there that could potentially, cause them harm. This is especially important if your little one is prone to waking up at night, and may get out of bed.

Create a fun bedroom

Kids love having fun, which is why, when it comes to designing your toddler’s bedroom, it needs to be as fun as possible. This means hanging pieces of wall art that your child will love – pictures of animals are ideal. It also means being choosy about the bits and bobs on display. How about using your child’s toys instead of ornaments?

If there is a spare wall, consider creating a game on it – naughts and crosses can work well. If your little one likes being creative, consider using chalkboard paint on one wall of the room. This will give your little one a fantastic space to use to be creative.

Creating a beautiful bedroom for your toddler doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, if you take note of the tips and ideas above, you can make the design process much easier for yourself.

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