Three Ways To Keep Your Feline Friend Happy And Content

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The saying that “a cat makes a home” is true for many cat lovers. Cats are so relaxing to watch when curled up in front of the fire or sat on the windowsill watching for you to return home. They are also fun and playful. Cats are fascinating creatures and although it’s often true that the cat owns you rather than the other way round, they offer so much in return. As a cat owner you will want your cat to be as healthy and happy as possible. This article aims to show you tips, so that you can achieve a long, happy life for your feline friend.

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Bringing home a kitten

If you choose to own a kitten rather than an adult cat, ensure that your kitten is at the very least 12 weeks old and preferably 16 weeks old before it leaves its mother. Also if you choose to adopt a pedigree cat such as the magnificent norweigan forest cat ensure you choose your kitten from a reputable breeder. Breeds such as the Norwegian forest cat have beautiful long coats that will need grooming, so purchase grooming equipment. You will also need food that the kitten is used to, bowls, a litter box, a cosy bed and toys. As this will be quite a scary experience for your kitten its a good idea to ask if you can take a blanket from its original home with its familiar smells.


Make life interesting for your cat. Cats are hunters by nature and so love to catch and chase things. They also love to climb and scratch. You can buy many commercial products to keep your cat from getting bored such as scratching/climbing posts, toys and laser pens. Laser pens have the benefit of being unpredictable to the cat, which is what they love! Even a rolled up ball of paper or a cork tied to a piece of string will be appreciated by your cat. Having toys and time spent interacting with their owners will make a happy cat and a content owner. It will also prevent any destructive behaviour such as scratching furniture. These tips are especially important if your cat stays inside all its life. If you are away from home for long periods of time it may be a good idea to get a companion for your cat.


Cats need feeding regularly and need access to plenty of fresh water. Take advice from your vet as to the most suitable food for your cat. When researching brands of food ensure there is a high meat content and that the food isn’t bulked out with grain. Cats are fussy eaters and generally they will make it known when they are not happy with your offerings, as they will simply turn their nose up and refuse to eat!

This is a very brief overview of ways to make your cat happy. It is also very important to get your cat neutered, as there are so many unwanted cats in the world. It would also be a good idea to get your cat microchipped, so that they can be brought home if they wander or if they sustain any injuries on their travels. Regular vet visits are a must, to check general health and to receive annual inoculations against prevalent cat diseases.

Have fun enjoying your feline friend!



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