This is How I Cope When My Boiler Breaks Down

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My boiler used to be my nemesis. We have an old one at home, and it has developed odd quirks and characteristics. So sometimes it can play up; usually at the worst times. So I have developed these tricks and strategies I like to use whenever my boiler breaks down. Have a look at these and try to use them next time you have problems with your boiler.

Stay Calm

Okay, the first thing you have to remember when the boiler packs up is not to panic. It’s important to stay calm as much as you can. Panicking isn’t going to solve anything. So you need to make sure you are composed and collected. Don’t panic and try to fix the boiler yourself because you’ll only make things worse. Make sure you get on the phone and get in touch with professionals. My boiler broke down on a bank holiday, and this meant I had to wait longer for it to be fixed. But I tried not to panic, and I was able come up with alternative measures in the meantime.

Boil the Kettle

If you have issues with your boiler you’re going to needs to improvise. This is something that I learned very quickly. There is no hot water, but it’s still necessary to bathe and stay clean. The bath is where you get to pamper yourself and have some ‘me time’. So it’s essential to have access to it. But in my household no one likes the idea of a cold bath or shower. So, what I had to do instead was to fill up kettles, boil them, and pour them into the tub so we would have some hot water. I even had to go out and buy an extra kettle, and a large pan to help with this. And you need to make sure you do the same.

Call the Professionals

Your boiler breaking down is a serious issue because it means you will have no heating or hot water. So you need to make sure you deal with this and nip it in the bud straight away. Get on the phone (or online) and make contact with professionals. You need to scout a database of experts like Im Free to find the right person. Make sure you do this as soon as you can because you want the boiler back up and running as soon as possible.

Keep Warm

It will probably be the case that your boiler will, typically, break down as soon as it gets cold. So you’re going to be without central heating until it’s fixed. We had this a year or so back, and it became a bit of an issue. So I’m going to tell you how we solved the problem and managed to keep warm. The first thing I did was to go around the house and make sure all the windows were closed and curtains drawn. Then I closed the door of every room as well. And as a family we all made sure we wrapped up and wore lots of layers. We also tried to make sure we hung out in the same room. This generated more body heat, and we preserved heat throughout the home.

I think we underestimate just how much we seem to rely on our boilers. They are something we take for granted in our daily lives. It’s the classic case of ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’. So it’s important to have a backup plan if your boiler is on the fritz. That’s why I shared my plan B with you.

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