Think Gaming Is For Kids? Here’s Why You’re Wrong

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Games consoles and the latest titles will once again be the most wanted Christmas presents among children up and down the country. While this certainly adds to the preconceived ideas that gaming is for kids, the truth of the matter is that it offers a lot to older gamers too. And that’s regardless of your personal background or other lifestyle activities.

Here are just three reasons why gaming can be a fun activity for adults to enjoy.


Gaming Can Be Social

Let’s face it; you’re not going to drag the kids off of their consoles. If you can’t beat them, why not join them? A range of family-oriented titles are available across multiple platforms. Or you can play multiplayer sports, RPG, and FPS games together too.

Thanks to the growth of online gaming, activities, and interactions needn’t be limited to your household. This is a great way to stay social with friends, especially when you have headsets to chat. Alternatively, online gaming communities can help you form new friendships. Whether they remain purely digital or grow into real world bonds is up to you.

The social factor plays a central role in most hobbies and gaming should be no different. Ultimately, if you are able to do something you like with the people you love, you’ll have every reason to keep smiling.

Gaming Can Fight Health Problems

Gaming has long been seen as an activity that harms a person’s health. While there are many studies to show the negative impacts that addictive gaming will bring, there are positives too. As with most things in life, finding the sense of balance is everything.

If you’re worried about the threat of becoming a couch potato, choose active games. Sporting games on the PS Move, PS VR, and Xbox Kinect can all get you moving. You can discover the best titles at This brings the benefits of a home workout DVD to your living room. Only, it’ll be far more enjoyable, and every experience is fresh and exciting.


It has been shown that puzzle games and related genres can keep the mind active too. This helps users fight off the symptoms of dementia and other mental health issues. Without being a magic cure, it certainly helps.

Gaming Can Aid Your Financial Situation

For a lot of people, the idea of gaming in a serious fashion can seem like an expensive habit. However, once you’ve completed the initial outlay, buying a new game each month works out cheaper than one date night to the cinema.

Moreover, there are ways to actively turn this love into a money making opportunity. Whether playing for money at, making YouTube videos, or entering eSports competitions is entirely up to you. Either way, even a small boost to the bank balance will feel like a major success story. Not least because the gaming habit is a lot cheaper than alternative hobbies.

If nothing else, it’s nice to have those physical assets in your home. Should any unforeseen circumstances leave you in a financial mess, selling those assets online can gain quick access to funds. This emotional safety net is another bonus that every adult gamer should embrace.


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