These Embarrassing Health Problems Could Have Easy Fixes

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Taking care of health problems shouldn’t be as hard as it sometimes is. We can all be reluctant to see a doctor or too quick to ignore a problem. And then there are the issues we don’t want to address because they’re embarrassing. Maybe you don’t want to mention them to a doctor, or you’re trying to hide them from family or friends. However, often these issues have simple solutions.

Dry Feet

Having dry feet may not seem all that embarrassing. However, when the skin on your feet gets dry, it tends to peel. If you’re too embarrassed to wear sandals, you need to do something about it. Two easy things to try are making sure you dry your feet properly after washing or swimming, and moisturizing your feet too.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is common for men, and not so common but still possible for women. If your hair starts to thin, you don’t have to hide it under a hat. Some shampoos can help it to be healthier. However, if you suspect there’s an underlying cause, a visit to your doctor wouldn’t go amiss.

Excessive Sweating

Everybody sweats (at least, almost everyone) but it can still be embarrassing. If you find you sweat a lot or it smells particularly bad, you probably avoid a lot of things. A good antiperspirant could help you out more than you might think, so try a few different products.


If there’s one thing people feel awkward discussing with others, it’s anything to do with going to the toilet. Constipation can be pretty embarrassing, but it can also often be easy to fix.

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