The Zelfs Product Review

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Moose Toys has launched a new line of adorable, whimsical figures called The Zelfs.  Their hair reminds me fondly of the troll dolls I loved as a child but Zelfs are even more cute and lovable.  Zelfs emerge from the secret garden of Zardenia where they dwell in different “fabitats” from the Water Wave Garden to the Witchbrew Bistro.  Each Zelf has its own unique persona and a Zelf power represented by a Zelfmark.  Girls can spend hours of hair-raising fun with Zelfs and their accessories that can be used to style both the Zelfs’ crazy hair or their own.  Zelfs are collectible and come in 3 sizes- small, medium, and large.

The small Zelfs come in either a matte, glitter, or pearl finish.  Each can be displayed in the planter that it comes in or used as a pencil topper.  There are 36 different small Zelfs to collect and they come with a collector’s guide to keep track of your Zelf collection.  My girls really liked that the Zelf inside the planter was a surprise so they didn’t know which style they received until they opened it.  I think the small Zelfs would make a great “good luck charm” as a pencil topper during a big test at school.  My girls have already asked if we can get some more small Zelfs soon so they can collect more!  At only $1.99 each they make great prizes for behavior charts, etc.

The medium Zelfs each come with a charm, hairstyle accessories and comb for hair styling fun.  There are 12 medium Zelfs to collect plus the ultra-rare Clover Zelf (Miss Clover).  Medium Zelfs also come with a collector’s guide to keep track of your collection.  They are available at major toy retailers nationwide and will make great stocking stuffers this holiday season.  While the small Zelfs make great pencil toppers, the medium Zelfs are great for girls to take with them for play on the go.  Our medium Zelf’s name is Vampula because she is a vampire and her Zelf power is beauty.  She’s adorable and looks pretty good for being over 400 years old!

Large Zelfs come in 3 different finishes to collect- glow-in-the-dark, glitter, and pearl and 6 different personalities.  They each come with a hair brush, two hair clip extensions, three hair ties, and of course the collector’s guide to learn more about each Zelf’s personality.  The large Zelf we received is Mermalade.  She is a Zelf who loves water and loves to explore.  My girls love mermaids so this was the perfect Zelf for us.  The large Zelf’s are great because they come with several fun hair accessories that girls can use on their Zelfs or themselves.

Zelf Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon PlaysetWant more Zelf fun?  Zelf’s have a fun Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon Playset.  The Spin Salon comes with an exclusive medium sized Zelf, Tressa, with purple and green hair.  Girls can twist and twirl their Zelf’s hair by opening the Venus Fly Trap’s mouth, closing it on their Zelf’s hair, and pushing the button on the salon’s chair so it will spin around and twirl the hair.  It was a little difficult for my girls to use the salon chair.  You need to twist the hair a bit before you put it inside the Venus Fly Trap’s mouth and it sometimes falls out when you twist the chair.  That was the only frustrating part for them.  The playset also comes with 2 hair extensions, one hair clip, a tiara, a hair brush, and a collector’s guide.  The salon features storage drawers on one side to hold all of your Zelf’s accessories as well as a place on the other side to hold all of your Zelf’s hair extensions.  For easy clean up I love that my girls can store their Zelfs right inside their salon playset.  The salon folds together for easy storage which is important, especially now that we have a puppy around who will eat anything!  My girls are having lots of fun braiding, twisting, and twirling their Zelfs’ hair and I’ll admit that I am having fun playing with their fun hair, too.  There is just something about their crazy hair that’s fun to mess up and play with.


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