The World of Tomorrow: What the Future Holds For Our Children

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The world is living in pretty uncertain times in 2017. The political landscape is a bit of a minefield (to say the least), there’s ever louder alarm bells ringing about the state of climate change, and nobody can be quite too sure which celebrity might be the next to make his or her way onto the afterlife. That being said, scientists do actually know a fair amount of what the future will hold. While this might not affect the people in society who are currently in the prime of their life, it will be the future that is left for future generations. What do they have to look forward to?


Internet of Things

The internet of things is already upon the world, though nowhere near the extent that it one day will be. Put simply, the internet of things is the interconnection between everyday items, such as, say, a refrigerator. While some newer items already have the capacity to send and receive data, home automation experts believe that it could soon transform domestic life. It’ll mean a homeowner will be able to control things like their lights, energy, and more via an online portal or app. For children who grow up in this environment, the possibility for higher productivity and greater security is limitless.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will one day have an even bigger impact on the world than the internet, smartphones, and cars combined. It will revolutionise society, allowing humans to do more than ever before. In fact, it’s possible that further down the line humans will be integrated with AI, which will bring also superhuman capabilities. In the next decades, it’s also likely that AI will be able to integrated with a human mind, allowing that mind to live on forever. The other artificial thing that will transform society are artificial organs; soon, patients will be able have an organ that is grown in a lab inserted into their body.

Traditional Models Broken Down

The ever increasing amount of innovative ideas will bring on revolutionary ideas the likes of which have never been seen before. It’ll mean the collapse of old institutions; for example, media, which is already facing difficulties, may soon become a bit player on the world stage, with people instead getting their information and entertainment from completely new sources. Gender equality will also be greatly improved throughout the world, which will result in many more positions of power being occupied by women.  


Renewable Energy

There are plans being set in motion that will have long lasting impacts on how human consume their energy. It is estimated that by 2050, practically all of our energy will come from renewable sources, making the world a healthier place in the process. This will make air pollution – which is having a massive effect on cities around the world – less of a concern, but it’s also likely that this shift in policy will have been to reaction to the negative effects of climate change, which could affect millions of people in the coming decades.

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