The Ultimate Cleaning Nightmares And What You Can Do About Them

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Cleaning is what us poor Mothers do most. But there are some cleaning nightmares that we dread. Stains, odours and foul messes are the things we love to hate. Sadly, they can’t be avoided, and we can’t get away from them. Clean we must, and clean we do. So what happens when the job is just too big to manage?

Poop is one of those cleaning nightmares we never want to have to deal with. Potty training, puppy training, and outdoor shoes are the main culprits. It can be tempting to cover it in bleach straight away just to get rid of the smell. But this can cause you problems with disposal later. If you can pick it up, use a doggy sack to do so. Wear some hard wearing rubber gloves too so you can avoid further disaster!

Getting the stain out of the carpet will require a little more close contact I’m afraid. It is easier when it is dry, but who wants to leave it there that long? You can take some of the moisture out of it with some kitchen towel. Next, use a high powered carpet stain remover straight away on the area. You will need to rub this in I’m afraid. Alternatively, try a solution of washing up liquid. Once it is treated, you may also want to wash the carpet with an antibacterial wash.

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Graffiti is another big hate for us, because of how awful the graphics and text might be. It can’t be left for the neighbours to see so we want to act quickly to get rid of it once and for all. There are some new products that remove graffiti quickly and easily these days. If you have to cover a particularly large or difficult area, you could call in a professional team to tackle it for you. Sometimes it is necessary to paint over areas affected by graffiti to leave a fresh, clean finish.

Cats have a nasty habit of urinating or spraying up against sofas and walls when they are distressed. If you have had this happen to you then you know just how smelly this gets. Unfortunately, the odour can penetrate fabrics as deep as the moisture. It doesn’t dissipate either. Don’t use ammonia as your cat may think this is a place to come back to for more wees. Get it as dry as possible quickly or the moisture could get into your floorboards!

Once it is dry, you can use vinegar as a natural way to get rid of the bacteria and odour. A good dose of baking soda on top will help soak it all back up after it has air dried. Once all this is dry and vacuumed up, try a washing liquid that contains enzymes. Any residual smell could be coming from the plaster or floorboards. These might need to be painted or varnished to be completely rid of the stench.

Having a variety of cleaning products can help you deal with a cleaning emergency before it becomes too much of a nightmare. Avoid fabric furniture and carpets in your home if you regularly suffer some of these problems. And try to stay calm!

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