The Stress-free Way to Introduce Your New Dog to Your Resident Dog

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A dog becomes part of your family when you welcome them into your home, whether you get them as a puppy or an elder. But, just like when a person becomes part of your family, everyone needs time to adjust. It can be a slow process making sure everyone is comfortable and loves and respects each other, especially when you already have a dog. Introducing new dogs to existing ones can be a bit like showing a child their new brother or sister. You have to be cautious and give them time to get used to each other. Use the tips below to help you have your dogs get along.

Get Ready for the Big Day

Before your new dog comes home with you, make sure you’re prepared for their moving in day. You should be in contact with the breeder or rescue center to ensure that everything’s up to scratch. For example, you need to know whether they have a certificate of health from their vet. Whether you use Florida Puppies Online or another internet resource or a local shelter, you need to stay in touch. Co-ordinate with them how and when you’re going to pick up or transport your new family member. You can think about what your resident dog will do on the day too. Will they stay with a friend to give the new dog time to settle?

Keep Them Apart at First

Dogs use their sense of smell a lot, so when a new dog arrives in your home, your older dog will be able to tell. Although you might want to introduce them right away, it’s better to let them get to know each other from afar. Put their cages or boxes in different areas of the house, so they can’t see each other. They can use their noses to sniff out the other dog and learn who they are before they meet them face to face.

Give the New Dog Time to Adjust

When you’ve got your dogs in their boxes, you can let the new one out to explore. He needs time to adjust to his new surroundings, and everything might feel a bit overwhelming. Keep your other dog shut away, and don’t let the new one see him just yet. Instead, let the latest puppy wander around the house, sniffing out all the different smells. He’ll get to know your resident dog by his scent, and he’ll leave his own trailed around the house. Once he’s had a good explore, you can let your other dog have a go. Put your new dog in his cage and let the established one roam around and get used to the new smell.

Introduce Them Outside the House

When you introduce them face to face, it’s best to do it somewhere neutral. Your house belongs to your resident dog, and they could feel territorial. Choose a park, a friend’s backyard or a similar enclosed space. Instead of putting them on a leash, let them take turns running around without seeing each other, like at home. Then allow them to meet properly and hopefully play.

Introducing two dogs is something you need to be sensitive about. Tread carefully so you don’t give either of them a shock.


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