The Secrets to Being a Good Pet Owner

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We’ve seen far too many stories in the media of late about dangerous dogs attacking young children. While these deaths are tragic beyond comprehension, they‘re also, thankfully, avoidable. What such stories demonstrate is just how much can go wrong if a dog falls into the hands of an irresponsible owner. It doesn’t matter what the breed is or whether they’re a rescue dog, if their owners are responsible more often than not, the dog will be too. So, if you want to ensure you do everything you can do to raise a healthy, happy and trustworthy dog, all you have to do is read on. You’ll soon be equipped with everything you need to know.

Research the Breed

Different breeds of dogs are best suited to different types of household. Whilst your dream dog may be a Siberian husky if you live in a studio-flat in the middle of the city, it’s just not practical. You have to be able to meet a dog’s needs. So, if you’re working a lot and don’t have time for walks, a greyhound would be worth considering. Contrary to popular belief, they’re actually quite lazy and don’t require long walks, just little, but often. So, if you work close to home, you could easily pop back in your lunch hour and give them a 15-min walk around the block.

Siberian_Husky_bi-eyed_FlickrImage Credit: Wikimedia


If you’re thinking of getting a puppy, the first thing you need to consider is their vaccinations. Proper administration at the right time is the only way of effectively helping to prevent your pet from canine diseases and infection. All reputable veterinary professionals will provide puppy vaccinations, so there really is no excuse for not ensuring your pet has theirs.

The Importance of Socialization

The reason for many dog attacks is, as a result of poor socialization. This is why it’s essential that you start socializing your puppy as early as possible. Dogs often react badly to situations they’re not familiar with, so once they’re vaccinated start taking them out immediately. Take them to the park on a busy weekend and get them used to crowds, bicycles, children and other distractions. Once they see there’s nothing to worry about, they’ll start to become more comfortable when faced with new situations and change in general.

200px-Puppy_on_Halong_BayImage Credit: Wikipedia

Don’t Give Them Human Food

Human food is not made for canine consumption. It really is as simple as that. Many of the additives and preservatives used in such foods can actually be toxic to dogs. Even in small doses it can drastically alter a pet’s behavior. You may find that they become hyperactive, boisterous and difficult to control. There are plenty of dog treats available on the market, but even these should be given in moderation. They should only be used as a reward in obedience training.

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So, if you want to ensure that your dog grows up happy, healthy and well-behaved, just follow our advice. And you’ll soon begin to understand exactly why our canine companions are known as ‘man’s best friend’.

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