The Secrets that Hairdressers Don’t Want you to Know

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Hairdressers will always be around. We always want gorgeous, healthy looking hair. But do you ever get the feeling that your hairdresser isn’t telling you something? They have secrets; secrets that they don’t want you to know. Luckily, we’re here to fill you in.

  • They’d Rather You Didn’t Bring Your Kids

Ever showed up at the salon with your kids and thought you spotted a flicker of dismay across your hairdresser’s face? You were right. Hairdressers hate it when you bring your kids, especially if they are the type of kids who just can’t settle. Get a sitter for an hour, or book your appointment at a time when you haven’t got the kids. You want to enjoy your appointment too, right?

  • Cutting Your Hair Won’t Make it Grow Quicker

You know all those rumors you heard about hair growing quicker when you cut it? It’s a lie. Your hair will look healthier. That’s about it. Hair is already dead, and therefore doesn’t know when you cut it. It’ll be shorter when you have it cut, and will definitely not feel compelled to grow. Don’t get us wrong; it’s great to have a regular cut. Just don’t be under this illusion!

  • Root Touch Up Kits Can be Just as Good

Constantly going backwards and forwards to have your hair done? Root touch up kits can be just as good! Be careful though. If you have prominent grey/black roots, you might be better off chasing your hairdresser.

  • No Product Can Fix Split Ends

All of those products on the market that claim to fix your split ends? They don’t. It’s a whole load of false advertising. They can make them look a little better for a short amount of time, but they can’t bond your hair back together and fix them. All you can do is take better care of your hair to avoid them.


  • Some Foods and Supplements May Give You Salon Quality Hair

By eating right and taking a hair supplement, you might find that your hair begins to look salon quality at all times, rather than just after your appointment. Try incorporating lots of vegetables and fish into your diet to nourish your hair from the inside out. Healthy fats are best for healthy hair. Oh, and healthy fats don’t make you fat, so stop worrying!

  • You Can Cut Your Own Split Ends

Forget asking your hairdresser to fit you in for a few split ends. Cut your own! There’s plenty of instruction online if you need help, and it’ll save you time and money. If you only have a small amount of split ends, don’t be scared to try it. If your split ends are severe, however, you should always visit the hairdresser.

Now you know the things your hairdresser doesn’t want you to know, you can make smart choices when it comes to booking appointments and what to have done. Just don’t tell your hairdresser that we told on them…we wouldn’t want to get in trouble. Thanks for reading!


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