The Perfect Night In! Seven Incredible Date Nights At Home

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There’s nothing harder than trying to have a romantic night with your husband when you have kids. Unfortunately, there’s very little that’s more important. After you have children, it’s easy to neglect your relationship. You’re tired all the time and sometimes it’s hard to feel attractive when you’re dealing with weight gain after having a baby. Romance doesn’t seem very high up on your list of priorities. But it’s important to keep the magic alive – you want your kids to witness a stable and loving relationship between their parents before going on to form loving marriages of their own one day. Here are seven date night ideas that you can do at home once the kids have gone to bed, without any need for a babysitter!

Make A Theme Night

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Choose a culture that both of you enjoy, and have a theme night! If you choose Italy, make a big pot of spaghetti or order pizza (check online for Dominos offers), and eat it in front of Cinema Paradiso – or Roman Holiday, if you aren’t a fan of subtitles. If you’re big Anglophiles, make battered fish and chunky French fries and watch Billy Elliot or your favorite Harry Potter movie.

Learn To Dance

If you were one of those couples who just swayed during your wedding dance, now is the time to get some rhythm! There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that will teach you to waltz or to jive. Just be careful of any lifts – it might be difficult to regain your trust in your partner after he’s dropped you unceremoniously on the coffee table.

Look Through Photo Albums

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Sit yourself on the couch, enjoy a family favorite meal, and get out your wedding album to look through. If your everyday life is hectic and crazy, remind yourselves of the reasons you were together to begin with, and reminisce over one of the best days of your lives.

Play Some Games

Get out the board games. If you’re looking for a little body contact, Twister is the way to go, but if the two of you like a little competition you could always get out your kids’ games. If you’re looking for a more adult game, try cards or Would You Rather? to find out the answers to questions you’ve always wanted to know.

Go On An Indoor Picnic

Put out a rug or blanket on your living room floor, and make some sandwiches and finger foods to enjoy cross-legged on the floor. If it puts you in the mood for summer, you could start planning your next vacation!

Have Breakfast In Bed

strawberries-1445830_640Image Pixabay

There’s nothing better than breakfast in bed on TV trays, no matter what time of day it is! Make pancakes and bacon and add some fresh berries on the side. If you’re feeling healthy, try smashed avocado and poached eggs on toast.

Build A Pillow Fort

You may have helped your kids build forts in your living room before but now it’s your turn to do it with as many blankets and pillows as you can find. Take in a laptop to watch some Netflix along with your favorite snacks to relax, chat and snuggle together in cozy comfort.

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