The Parent’s Guide To Moving House

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Moving house is always a stressful experience when you are a parent. Even with your partner’s help, it’s still going to involve a lot of hard work. With that in mind, I wanted to share the methods we used to complete the task last year. Hopefully, they will help you to see that reducing anxiety levels is not difficult. Indeed, you just need to plan your moves carefully. So long as you’ve covered all the basics, everything else should slide into place. Just remember to arrange a babysitter on your moving day. The last thing you need is for the kids to make the job more complicated.

Find your ideal new home

Before you can do anything else, you need to find your new home. Get in touch with local real estate agents and arrange some viewings. Once you have found somewhere suitable, you can make an offer to the seller. After accepting that offer, you will need to find a buyer for your old property. I managed to sell my house fast using specialist services provided by a business in my hometown. You only have to look online to find many other companies offering the same deal. You won’t get the full value of your property, but at least you can get rid of it quickly.

Start packing straight away

Even if you don’t plan to move for a couple of months, it’s wise to start packing straight away. Nobody wants to spend days putting all their possessions into boxes. If you spread the job out, it doesn’t seem quite as bad. Also, you can encourage your kids to help if it will make them feel involved. Pick up some boxes from your local supermarket and purchase a lot of sellotape for the best results. You don’t want the boxes to break open during the moving process because that will add to your stress levels.

Contact a reputable removals firm

You should find many different removals companies in your hometown. Use the internet to find reviews and identify the best company for the job. Visit their website and make sure the price is right before getting in touch. In most instances, the removals specialists will offer to unpack your items for an extra fee. I think that service is worth the expense, and so you should consider it. Our removals team managed to transport all our possessions and unpack them in under six hours. So long as you’re not moving too far away, you can expect the same outcome.

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The only other thing you need to consider relates to the order in which you prepare the rooms in your new home. It’s always wise to get the children’s bedrooms ready first. That is because they might struggle to settle during their first night in a new house. They should feel a lot more comfortable if their bedroom looks similar to the one they’ve just left behind. You won’t have time to decorate before bedtime, but you can erect their beds and place their toys in the right locations. That will make it easier for them to get a good night’s sleep.


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