The Mystery of the Silver Statue by Raymond C. Perkins Jr.- Book Review

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The Mystery of the Silver Statue by Raymond C. Perkins, Jr. is a wonderful adventure book for children grades 3rd through 8th but my girls who are 5 and 7 enjoyed it as well when I read it with them.  This book follows the adventures of two 8th grade sleuths, B.T. and Jimmy as they solve a real-life mystery.  The story takes the readers through heroic deeds, a search for treasure and more.  But what makes this story unique is that it also has real life connections to Colonial American History.  Children reading this story will also be learning American History without realizing it.  That’s the best kind of learning!  I plan on reading this story with my children again when they a little older and can appreciate all the history in it.  You can purchase this book on Amazon.
 Author Bio:
     Ray Perkins is 55 year-old retired middle school Social Studies teacher now living in Cape Coral, Florida. He grew up in the wilds of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and has spent most of his life there until retiring to the south. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Mary, five children and one granddaughter. He has written three books including the sequel to The Mystery of the Silver Statue. He would love to have you visit him at his website or on Facebook.
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