The Most Expensive Times Of The Year: Don’t Be Left Out Of Pocket With This Advice!

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Most families are left scrimping in January after having a costly year. After all, events like birthdays and Christmas can leave families struggling to make ends meet. And it’s a recurring sentence as every year the same thing occurs. Therefore, it can be a challenge for families to ever save money. And things, like moving house or getting a new family car, have to be put on the backburner. However, you don’t have to scrimp through this year if you are careful with money. Here is some great advice so that you don’t end up out of pocket after the most expensive times of the year!

Your kid’s birthday

If you ask any parent about their child’s birthday, they are bound to tell you how expensive it can be. In fact, the average parent can spend several hundred dollars on their child’s birthday! And if you have more than one child, it can leave you feeling the pinch for the whole year. For one thing, gifts can cost a small fortune as presents get more extravagant. Kids are asking for high-tech devices like iPads as gifts to keep up with the other children in their class. And as this feature says, a whopping 46% of parents admit to getting into debt by purchasing something their kids wanted! Therefore, when it comes to presents, you need to try and spend less so that you don’t end up out of pocket. Look online to see if the gifts your kids want are on sale anywhere. And search for coupons which will ensure you get the item for half the price. Also, don’t hesitate to look at less well-known brands who do their own version of items like tablets. It will still allow your child to do what they want, but it will cost a fraction of the price. And when it comes to parties, parents are spending a small fortune on huge parties for their child. After all, they try and ensure their child’s birthday stands out from the other kids in the class. But a lot of the time, your child will be happy to have a party at your house! Here are some tips to help you hold a great (and cheap) party for your kid.

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Your Easter shopping

You will be surprised that a lot of parents are left feeling the pinch after Easter. After all, Easter eggs can end up costing your family a small fortune. And they tend to get more expensive every year! However, there are some ways you can ensure your family still has a good Easter without spending a fortune. For one thing, you need to cut down on the list of who you are buying eggs for. After all, the other kids in your child’s class are bound to get a ton of Easter eggs from their own family. So it’s not necessary for you to get them eggs too! And then you should consider making your own Easter eggs. There are plenty of recipes online you can follow to make your own chocolate eggs which will still taste just as good to your kids!

Your annual vacation

One of the top things which leaves families in debt is their annual summer vacation. After all, after the flights, hotel, and spending money, it can cost families thousands of dollars. And then they have to scrimp for the rest of the year due to that week in the sun. However, it doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune. For one thing, you should make sure you compare flights online first before you book. There might be a less well-known airline you can go with for a fraction of the cost. Or you might even be prepared to stop to make it cheaper for your family. And instead of staying at an expensive hotel, have a look at self-catering accommodation. It can often work out a lot cheaper for your family if you stay in a flat or a villa during your stay. And you could always consider having a staycation this year instead. You could end up saving so much money which can go into your savings. And your family can still have a good time during the summer. You can just have plenty of days out instead to places like theme parks and museums!

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Your car insurance  

It can also be a dire time for families when their car insurance bill comes around. If you pay annually, it can leave you feeling the pinch once a year. After all, car insurance can cost up to a thousand dollars. But before you pay out for insurance, you need to make sure you aren’t going to get a better deal elsewhere. After all, you could end up saving a hundred dollars just by switching to someone else. You can also look on sites like to find help on getting a special deal on your car insurance. And tips to help you save such as putting someone else on the insurance.

Your back to school shopping

You would be surprised that back to school shopping can end up costing families a small fortune. In fact, states that parents can actually end up spending over $1000 on back to school supplies. Everything from new technology to school clothes and supplies can cost a small fortune. But it doesn’t have to be an expensive time for families. For one thing, you should look through things like stationary to see if there is any point in buying new ones. If they are still in good nick, your kids can use it for another year. And ask for clothes, you should make sure you go early to get the best price on school clothing. And look online as you might find a good deal on school clothing for your kids.


And as for Christmas shopping (a lot of us are still suffering from that spend-up last month), it’s best to get items as you see them in the sale. After all, the prices rocket nearer to the time. Therefore, get to the shops early to find items for friends and family. And remember to buy things like cards and wrapping paper now while they are 50% off!

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