The Home Appliances I Wouldn’t Be Without

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There are some household appliances that I use so much that I feel like I couldn’t live without them. I’m sure you have your favourite items that you feel the same way about.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

For me, the point of great appliances is to make my life easier. And that’s exactly what robot vacuum cleaners do. If you haven’t got one of these, you really need to try them out. You just turn it on and watch it whizz around the room vacuuming the floor. Gone are the days of pushing around a massive vacuum cleaner that makes a deafening noise. Nowadays, I can just put my feet up and read a book while the little robot does the job for me. I wouldn’t get rid of it for the world!

Backup Generator

There’s nothing more annoying than a power outage, and we all have to deal with them from time to time. But if you have a backup power generator, you don’t have to deal with them! When the power goes out, you just have to start using the power in the generator. The one we use is a solar powered generator. It can generate and store energy completely sustainably, and it’s always there in case the power goes out and leaves us in the lurch.

Garbage Disposal Unit

I recently had a garbage disposal unit installed underneath my kitchen sink. It’s proved to be one of those things that I’ve coped without all my life, but now I have it, I wouldn’t give it up for anything. All you unwanted kitchen waste is just pushed down the hole, and it disappears. It’s great. It’s especially good if you cook for your family like I regularly do. It massively speeds up the time you take to prepare a meal.


I used to read through my cookbook all the time, but I had to skip over the recipes that required a blender. For some reason, it took me ages to buy one when I moved into my new home. The old one somehow got lost during the move. The new one I have is ideal. It’s more powerful and a lot cleaner than my old one. Now I’m one of those people who makes a fruit smoothie twice a day. But that’s not all it’s good for. There are all kinds of great uses for it.

Coffee Machine

Every morning I get up and make myself a cup of coffee. I’ve always done this, but now it’s easier than ever with my coffee machine. It makes cappuccinos and latte macchiatos. Who needs Starbucks when you’ve got one of these in the kitchen waiting for you to get out of bed each morning? It’s quick and simple, and it creates a coffee that tastes than any I’ve had before. You might expect the quality to be poor compared to a professional coffee shop, but it’s not at all.

restaurant-beans-coffee-cupImage Source

Nothing you could say would persuade me to get rid of any of these appliances. They all make my life a little easier and a little more enjoyable. What could be more important than that?

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