The Essential Ten-Minute Beauty Routine Every Woman Should Know

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As a mom, you know how difficult it can be to have any time to yourself. You want to look fabulous, but finding the time to do your hair and makeup can feel like mission impossible. Every busy mom knows that the kids come first, but what about you? Could you spare just ten minutes each morning to make yourself look fantastic? You might think that you need hours to get ready and look great, but you don’t. Here is the essential ten-minute beauty routine every woman should know.

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Natural volume hair (three minutes)

This year full hair is going to be a massive trend. For busy ladies, that is excellent news. You can add volume to your hair in as little as three minutes, and then you are ready. When you are drying your hair, flip your head forwards and dry your locks from underneath your neck. Use a cold setting on your hairdryer so that you don’t scorch your hair. You should also consider using some hairspray to keep your locks looking large and beautiful. When you flip your head back over, you should neaten up the top of your hair with a small comb.

Quick vitamin boost (two minutes)

Sometimes, you don’t have time to get all the vitamins that you need. The problem with that is that your skin and hair will start to look dull if you lack vitamins. Never fear, there is a super quick trick that will help you. Each morning, apply some vitamin C serum to your face. The serum will boost your vitamin levels and help your skin to look healthy. When you are using the formula, ensure that you work it into your skin using a circular motion.

Bright, glistening eyes (one minute)

If you have not got enough sleep, your eyes will show it. If you have dark circles under your eyes, you need to fix them as soon as possible. Use a peach tone concealer to hide any dark shadows you might have. You should then use a white eyeliner along your water line so that you look wide awake. The good news is that white eyeliner is super fashionable this year, and so you will look excellent.

Fresh, clear skin (two minutes)

Who doesn’t want clean, clear skin? When you have to look after children, your skin care routine might be the last thing on your mind. First, splash your face with cool water after washing. That will help to make your skin look clean and bright. Next, use a pale foundation on your face. I would suggest using a tone, which is a little lighter than your natural skin color. You should finish by applying a darker foundation to complete the look.

Full lips (one minute)

If you want full lips, there is an easy way to fake it. For this step, you will need two colors of lipstick. Use the darker color on the outside of your lips. You can also use lip-liner for this step. Next, fill in the center of your lips with a slightly lighter color. Blend this lipstick outwards towards the edge of your lips. This technique only takes a minute and should create a 3D effect.

Sweet scents (one minute)

When people meet you, they notice what perfume you have on and whether they like it or not. Rather than dousing yourself in perfume, you should put it in strategic places. For example, you should dab perfume on the palms of your hands, behind your ears and on your neck. These are places that will be most effective. Splashing on some sweet scents only takes a minute but will make you feel ready to face the world.

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