The Different Types of Addiction Recovery Methods

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Addiction is a disease that requires treatment and professional medical support. It’s something you can get over by yourself. Below you’ll find the main types of addiction recovery methods.

Outpatient Behavioral Treatments

The best way to develop a long-term healthy lifestyle for addicts is to go through behavioral treatments. They encourage addicts to play an active role in their recovery and change the behaviors that lead to them becoming addicting in the first place. This often helps to people stay in treatment and not give up when things get tough. Without this behavioral approach to addiction, the other measures might not work.

There are lots of different types of behavioral treatments that help addicts on their road to recovery. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most common forms of treatment. During cognitive behavioral therapy, addicts are forced to face up to the things that may trigger their drug taking. Other types of treatment bring in the family members of the addicts and problems are worked through together. Approaching the problem as a family unit is great for bring people together and sorting things out.

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Residential Rehab

For people with the most severe problems, residential rehabilitation is best. This isolates them from their home and community. And although that might sound like a harsh thing to do to someone, it usually helps. It means that they don’t interact with the friends and acquaintances that fuel and enable their addiction. They also won’t be able to reach their drug dealer because the forms of communication will be shut down. They’ll be in a facility in the middle of nowhere.

The main thing that residential facilities focus on is group therapy. This allows addicts to work together with people who are in the same situation as them. This is something that can help a lot. When addicts can see that they’re not the only person in the world going through what they’re going through, it reassures them. If you want to find a residential rehab facility for you or a loved one, you should consider somewhere like Sanford House.


Medication is a crucial part of the drug treatment process. One of the big problems that people face when they’re coming off drugs is withdrawal symptoms. These occur when your body can’t cope without the drugs it’s become used to over the course of the addiction. To stop these withdrawal symptoms taking hold and persuading you to give up, drug treatments are necessary. This is only a short-term solution to the problem of withdrawal though. The only long-term solution is a complete recovery.

There are drugs that can help achieve recovery, but they vary depending on the type of addiction. But drug treatments by themselves are rarely the long-term answer to the problem. They are usually combined with other types of therapy like the ones mentioned above. You shouldn’t dismiss the importance of drug treatments as a stepping stone to recovery though. Some drugs can be used as a substitute for the drug the addict was originally addicted to.


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