The Dangers Of Letting Your Children Drink Fizzy Pop

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Most people have understood that fizzy drinks like Coca-Cola are bad for their health for a long time. However, a lot of folks still allow their children to consume such rubbish on a regular basis. In the hope of setting the record straight once and for all, we’re going to provide you with a definitive list of reasons they shouldn’t be encouraged to drink that stuff. Such a high sugar or caffeine content is dangerous. After reading the information, we think you will change your attitude towards products of that nature.

Tooth decay

Believe it or not, workers at Coca-Cola factories around the world use the manufactured product to clean engines and other items. That is because it is incredibly acidic and more than capable of removing any dirt or grime. With that in mind, imagine what it must be doing to your kid’s teeth! While Ascent Family Dental crowns can be used to replace any teeth they damage, discolor, or lose, it’s more sensible for them to avoid that happening. By simply changing the liquids that consume, you can make sure they won’t need crowns or other dental treatments until they are a little older.

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A lot of children become unbearable after consuming large amounts of sugar and caffeine. The medical term for that is hyperactivity. Kids who suffer from that condition can find it impossible to concentrate for more than a couple of minutes. That means they never do well at school, and they are likely to get into a lot of trouble. By simply giving your children a water-based squash, you can save yourself all the hassle. No matter how much they beg you, it’s essential that you remove fizzy pop from their diet if it affects them in that way. You want a child that is healthy and happy in mind and body. However, you’re never going to get that if they’re drinking the wrong liquids.


Lots of different digestive problems can be exacerbated by the consumption of too much sugar and caffeine. Irritable bowel syndrome might be a pretty common condition these days, but you still don’t want your child to suffer from it. Digestive issues that manifest while they are young could cause serious effects for the rest of their lives. IBS can soon lead to IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), which could then progress to more serious illnesses. You simply have to remove fizzy pop and give them a sensible diet to decrease the chances of them becoming ill.

Weight gain

There is no getting away from the fact that anyone who drinks a lot of fizzy pop is going to gain weight. There is something silly like nine grams of sugar in a single can of Coca-Cola. Imagine how much they must consume throughout the day if they drink two or three? That is a lot more than the average adult would put into their body when drinking tea or coffee.

Now you know the dangers of letting your children drink fizzy pop, we hope you will make a change to their diet as soon as possible. Time is of the essence. If you leave it too long, all those bad things could start to happen to your child.




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