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Any cat owner knows how easily the little devils can find a hiding spot in your house.  Unlike most dogs who come when you call them, cats generally have a mind of their own and ignore you when you call them.  Shaking treats sometimes works to call my cats but not always.  We keep our cats in our bedroom when we leave the house but sometimes when its time to leave, they are no where to be found.  Then I found The Cat Caller.  The Cat Caller is a pet locator device and training collar.  Each kit comes with a key chain remote, collar receiver (or 3 in the multi cat pack), batteries including extra batteries, and ID stickers for the back of the receiver.  The multi-cat pack was perfect for us because it comes with 3 collar receivers- blue, pink, and white.  The key chain remote operates all the receivers.  There is a button for each receiver on the remote as well as a “call all” button.  When you press one of the buttons on the remote the corresponding receiver lights up and beeps to easily find your cat.

The receivers are light weight and easily fit on most cat collars.   I do recommend using sandpaper to buff down the ears on the receivers a little bit because the ears feel a little pointy to me.  I didn’t want the ears to poke my cats but other than that, they don’t seem to bother my cats at all.  My cats have been wearing their receiver collars for about a month now and finding them is so much easier.

The collars can also be used to train your cats to come.  Simply press the button and give your cat a treat.  Based on Pavlov’s dog theory, your cats will associate the beep with getting a treat and come running when they hear it.  I haven’t had time to consistently work on this with my cats yet but during winter vacation when my girls are home from school we are going to work on it.  I’ll let you know how it goes.
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  1. Sandra Moore says:

    So I can train my pet and find them where ever they are hidding.

  2. Heather G says:

    My cat hides very well! I would like to be able to find him.

  3. Francine S says:

    One of my cats, Yowler, is an excellent hider. Not long ago he very nicely showed me his hidey-hole – the laundry tub which we don’t use. Above the tub we have a closet rod which is always full of clothes so he was well hidden in the tub below. (He had also managed to get a few things off the hangers to line the tub 🙂 ). This week he changed spots and I have no idea where he is hiding now. I’d love a tracking collar so I can find him especially when we are getting ready to travel and we want to make sure he hasn’t been locked in somewhere where maybe the cat sitter wouldn’t find him.

  4. so she’ll stop getting lost!

  5. Karen Ziegler says:

    My cat Coley is an inside outside cat but he loves his freedon outside a little too much and at night when it’s time for him to come back in before igo to bed i can’t always find him because he lounging on this or stalking that. I think this would be great when i just wanna find him and go to

  6. Helen Sampson says:

    Because my black kitty is notorious for waiting till after dark to try and sneek between someone’s legs as they go outside and he likes to hide in small dark places. The “Cat Caller” would be a tremendous help in finding him. Now, if only my dog could just get him to stay there till I can scoop him up! LOL

  7. Stephany Willetts says:

    My cat tends to hide in the best spots. There are times we call her name, shake her treats, and go on a frantic hunt for her. This collar would come in handy in able to find her, at least to know where she is if there was an emergency 🙂

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