The Busy Mom’s Guide to Cleaning

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Kids and cleaning do not go well together. You may feel that you are always cleaning up after your brood, only to find that they have messed it all up again. Kids! Who’d have them? Well, we love them really but it would be good to keep our home in impeccable order.

What you need is a quick fix. Or, at the very least, a guide to cleaning your home in a jiffy. Here is a busy mom’s guide to cleaning.

Cleaning as You Go

One of the easiest ways to stay on top of the housework is to ensure that you are cleaning as you go. Pick up toys. Put away newspapers. Wipe down sticky surfaces as you see them. Once you do this, the rest will come easily.

It’s Time to Teach Those Kids a Lesson

Of course, it shouldn’t be down to moms to make sure that the house is sparkling. Children need to learn that if they are playing that they are responsible for the mess too. So, request that the kids start cleaning up after themselves. Start a reward chart. Put stickers on the chart every time something is put away. Make sure that they are aware of their tasks. That way, it’s less pressure on you to keep a clean home, and the kids are taught a valuable life lesson in the process.

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Devise a Deep Clean Day

Every now and then, the house will need a deep clean. Cleaning as you go is all well and good, but trying to keep on top of the vacuuming and polishing is vital. So, set up your own cleaning schedule. Devise a day that works for you. Make sure that you have a full day to gut the house top to bottom.

Invest in Quality Cleaning Materials

Make sure that you have all of the cleaning implements that are needed to carry out your cleaning tasks. You can see reviews for the top rated vacuums of 2015 to find out what is the best vacuum cleaner here. After all, you don’t want to put in all of the hard work. It’s time to invest wisely. After all, you should have to do all of the hard work.

Be a Super Mom: Get Organized

One of the easiest way to keep on top of the household chores as a busy mom is to make sure that you are organized. Schedules can be an excellent way of making sure that your home is sparkling clean. Devise a timetable and ensure that you stick to it. For example, Monday could be laundry day. Tuesday could be used to polish the bedrooms. Getting organized is the key to a happy and clean home. Plus, you will feel less stressed by the mess.

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Ditch the Stuff That You Don’t Need

Once you have a schedule in place, you will find it easier to get rid of the things that you don’t need. You will come across old toys, too small clothes and clutter that you simply don’t need. Establish a sorting out day and get rid of the old stuff that you don’t use or need. Donate to charity or simply throw away. Your home will look fabulous in no time.

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