The Big Return Of 90s Fashion

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Every so often, you’ll click on the television only to see an old episode of Charmed or F.R.I.E.N.D.S or some other dated show appear on the screen and one of the first things you’ll acknowledge is the fashion. Memories of you wearing what they are wearing quickly flash about in your mind, some more haunting than others as you mutter the words, “I can’t believe I used to wear that?!” through a horrified gasp.

But before you dismiss the fashion of the 90s too quickly, a lot of it is making a comeback and so you may want to pop back to your parent’s house, head to the attic and start rummaging around.

  1. Don’t Choke

The choker necklace is well and truly enjoying a resurgence and for good reason. They are just so darn cute. You know the kind, the ones that sit halfway up your neck, usually in black lace with a little pendant. They came and conquered, and then quickly disappeared with the millennium, but they are back.

  1. Time For Combat

N the 90s, there was only one type of footwear that could go with absolutely anything, and that was combat boots. Daisy Duke’s plaid skirts, hem trousers, midi-skirts – combat boots could be worn with everything, a notion that is being celebrated once again. We know right, who would have thunk it?

  1. For The Love Of Leather

Leather jackets were all the rage back in the mid-90s and, much like the combat boot thing, they would be rocked with all sorts of outfits. And they are being rocked in the same way now. They go with long flowing bohemian dresses, pencil skirts, short-shorts and, yes, even wedding gowns are getting the leather jacket makeover. So, for the love of whoever, go and find your old one and give a right good dusting off.

  1. Flower Power

Floral dresses are back in business, and just like they were in the 90s, being enjoyed by those who still have black makeup and a love for all things grunge. Admittedly, we used to rock the same style back then and a part of us still wants to. After all, floral dresses paired with a choker and a large-rimmed hat is one of the coolest looks to ever get a look-in.

  1. Forever Flannel

Talking of the grunge look making a resurgence, what could be more 90s grunge than a flannel shirt, especially one that is worn around your waist? Well, in 2018, that is looking like a comeback statement, especially if you pair it correctly, say using it to give a shirt dress that little bit more shape and je ne sais quoi.

  1. Double That Denim

Denim shirts were all the rage and then, for some unknown reason, they disappeared into the forgotten. Thankfully, though, they have come back bigger than ever and are now the epitome of cool. We’re talking denim shirts, denim jackets with large embroidered patches, doubling up that denim and everything else that was once the look of glory.

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