Thanks For the Free Car Wash Douchebag!

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road rage

My family and I were on the highway yesterday on our way to meet with my in laws for Mother’s Day.  Hubby didn’t see the car in the far left lane and accidentally cut him off a little.  He waved to apologize and then moved back over to get out of the other driver’s way. Apparently that wasn’t good enough because the other driver cut back into our lane, slowed down in front of us, and proceeded to spray our car with his windshield wipers.  Why oh why do some drivers have to be such passive aggressive douchebags?  It’s no wonder there are so many accidents caused by road rage.  I was proud of my husband for just staying where he was and not engaging the other driver.  Instead we enjoyed the free car wash until the other driver either ran out of windshield wiper fluid or perhaps he got tired of being a douchebag and drove off.  So either way, thanks for the free car wash douchebag!

photo credit: reynolds.james.e via photopincc


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