Tell-Tale Signs It’s The Perfect Family Home!

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When you decide to sell up, it can be a challenge picking the right property. You need to find a great neighborhood where your family can enjoy growing up. Here are some tell-tale signs it’s the perfect family home for you.

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It’s close to the park

If there is a park close by, you know there is a good chance your kids will love living there. It’s always good to find a family home that has a park close by. If there isn’t one, it can often mean kids will play out on the street which is not good for safety reasons. Therefore, when you go to view a property, ask them where the local park is and find out if it’s within walking distance.

You feel it’s a safe area

Another way you can know it’s the perfect family home for you is if you feel safe when you arrive. Take a look around the neighborhood and see what’s going on. Normally your intuition is right, and you can tell if you will be happy there or not. You can also look online and find about the crime in the area, so you know how often break-ins occur. Ask the current owner about the safety measures that are currently in place in the household so you know if they have an alarm etc. If you feel like it’s a safe area, then this could be the perfect family home for you.

It’s close to schools

It’s always good to be able to be close enough to schools to walk when you are looking for the perfect family home. Therefore, when you are searching for homes for sale, check out the schools which are within the catchment area. You should be able to see which ones you can walk to so that it saves you having to drive the little ones to school. Also, you can check to see how good they are before you send your kids there.

It has the right amount of bedrooms

You need to check that it has the right amount of bedrooms to know if it’s the perfect family home for you. You should be going for a home which has one more extra bedroom than your family needs. That way, if you decide to have another baby in the future, you know there is space for the little one. It’s always good for when you have guests to stay that you have a spare room for them to sleep in. Bonus rooms are also good if you fancy having a study or a playroom for the kids.

You keep thinking about it

Another sign it’s the right home for you is if you keep thinking about it once you leave the home. If you have seen others since, but it’s still on your mind, there’s a good chance it’s the right home for you. Consider how you would feel if the realtor told you that it’s been sold. If you feel upset, it’s likely that it’s the right property. You should see it again to make up your mind whether you want to go ahead with the sale.

Once you have decided on the home, you can put yours on the market and get packing!


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