Mystixx Vampire Dolls Product Review

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Vampires are all the crazy these days from tweens, teens, and even us Twilight Moms.  Yes, I am a mom and I love the Twilight movies.  Well the vampire bug has now bitten my daughters, too- PUN INTENDED.  My daughters both love the Monster High show, characters, books and recently my 9 year old started reading the Poison Apple books which also include vampire characters.  So when I found the Mystixx Vampires dolls from Playhouse Inc. I knew my girls would be in heaven.

The Mystixx Vampire dolls are Tafin, Siva, Azra, and Kafani.  What is unique about these dolls is that they are regular dolls by day and vampire dolls at night.  Ok, so you can really change them from a regular girl to a vampire any time you want and changing them is easy.  Each doll has two different faces- one on each side of her head.  If you want to change their face from a regular girl to a vampire you just need to twist their hair from the back to the front and the new face will appear.

Each doll comes with 2 different colored wigs that are easy to take on and off and twist to reveal a different face.  There is a whole on the top of each doll’s head where the post in the middle of their wig fits in.  Each doll also comes with 2 different outfits that can be mixed and matched.  My girls love playing with their  Mystixx Vampire doll because they can change it back and forth depending on what situation they are pretending to act out with their doll so it’s like getting 2 dolls for the price of one.  Hey, I’m a deal blogger.  I like a good bargain!

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