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Happy 4th of JulyThis is a simple way to make elegant strawberries for 4th of July.  You just need fresh strawberries, white chocolate, and blue sugar sprinkles or any other 4th of July themed sprinkles.
It is very simple to make these strawberry and they come out so pretty.  My girls love to help me and anytime I can get them to help in the kitchen and spend family time with them is always a good time.

4th of July strawberry collage final
To make these strawberries wash and dry your strawberries well.  The chocolate will not stick wall if the strawberries are wet.  Melt white chocolate according to the package either in the microwave or with a double boiler until smooth.  Dip one side of the strawberry on an angle and then dip it on the other side at an opposite angle so it forms a “V”.  Allow excess chocolate to drip off back into the bowl.  Once you dip both sides of the strawberry I find that the dip into the sprinkles better if you allow the chocolate to cool slightly first so place the dipped strawberry onto a parchment lined cookie sheet.  Continue dipping other strawberries.  After about 5 minutes when the chocolate is starting to firm up a little, dip one side of the white chocolate area in blue sugar sprinkles.  Allow the strawberries to harden before serving.  You can put them in the refrigerator to speed up the hardening process.  For best results, serve the day they are made.  You can make them the day before, too, but don’t make them any sooner or they will not look as good and the strawberries will start dripping and pulling away from the chocolate.  Store leftovers in the refrigerator.

TIP- When you put the strawberries on the parchment paper I like to slide them forward slightly on the sheet so there are no big blobs of chocolate in front of the strawberry which should be the prettiest side.


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