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If you have daughters or love bling then this is the product for you!
My daughters and I received several Blingles kits to review and we had such a great time.  It was so easy that my 6 year old was able to make and apply her own designs by herself.  You can add Blingles to any hard, smooth surface such as a cell phone, laptop, picture frame, sunglasses, and more!  The Blingles Accessory Pack shown above comes with a frame, trinket box, keyfob, and cards to add Blingles to.  They also have several different theme packs that include lots of gems, templates, and adhesive to use to create Blingles to put on your own items.
Here’s how:
Lay the rubber gem mat on top of the template you want to use.  Place the gems in place using the Gem Pen tip.  TRICK- Pick up the gems by the color side up to make it easier.Peel the center square off of the white sticker and place it over your design.Gently peel the sticker up with all the gems still in place.Peel the center out of the blue glue roll sheet.Place the blue glue roll sheet sticky side down over your design.
Press firmly over the design to surround it with the glue sheet.
Peel the design off of the glue sheet.  You will notice that the design is now sandwiched in and surrounded by the glue.Press the design in place.Peel away sticker backing to leave gems remaining in place.Enjoy your beautiful new design!
Here’s our video on how to make Blingles!

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