Plusheez, Glitter Petz, and Stickeez by Artsi Product Review

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artsi collageMy girls love any type of craft project so they were so excited when we received products from Artsi‘s 3 product lines- Glitter PetzPlusheez, and Stickeez.  All three lines feature colorful, fun craft projects that children can easily complete themselves.  Both of my girls were so proud and excited to show me their finished projects, especially because they didn’t need my help.  They were so focused while they were crafting that you could have heard a pin drop in the room.  That RARELY happens in our house.

We received 2 different Glitter Petz so my girls each chose one to decorate.  There are several different Glitter Petz animals to choose from.  We chose Penny the Puppy and Sadie the Kitten.  Each comes with a figurine, 100 colorful gems in various shapes and colors, 2 sets of eyes, 1 bookbag clip, and string to tie it.  It was easy for my girls to decorate their Glitter Petz with the peel and stick gems and they especially liked that they were able to choose which pair of eyes to stick on.  When they finished their Glitter Petz they tied them to the included bookbag clips and attached them to their backpacks to show them off at school.  There were extra gems left over that they are saving for future projects.
glitter petz collage
We received Bella from the Plusheez line.  Bella is an adorable plush pal who is always a hoot.  Plusheez each come with a special stylus to pop in the included plush shapes to create awesome projects from plush animals to a fun pillow.  No sewing required!  Plusheez have tiny X shaped slits all over them.  Simply place a plush shape on top of the color coded slits and use the stylus to pop it in.  Easy peasy and the results are beautiful!
Plusheez collage

We received a beautiful jewelry box to design from the Stickeez line.  It came with TONS of gems in various colors, shapes, and sizes that children easily apply by following the included color chart like a paint by number only no messy paint, just sticking peel and stick gems so NO MESS!  Bling your bedroom!  The jewelry box isn’t just beautiful but it is a very functional piece complete with 4 drawers, a mirror and a hanging rack.  There are also Stickeez clutch purses, headbands, bracelets, and more!
stickeez collageIf you have any girls on your holiday shopping list this year check out Artsi‘s Glitter PetzPlusheez, and Stickeez.  Lots of mess free, creative fun!





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