Photo Backdrop You Can Easily Make At Home

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My father recently watched one of my video reviews and said,”You can see things in your house.  You should have a backdrop.”  Part of what I like about the video reviews my girls do is that they are done in our home and are personal.  I wasn’t going to even try to make a backdrop.  Then I realized I haven’t had pictures taken of my girls in a while and I wanted to make some photo gifts.   I decided to give the backdrop thing a try.  Then the idea came to me.  I had bought an adjustable clothing rack a few months ago.  We keep it in the garage so when we take clothes out of the dryer we can hang them up right away.  I grabbed the rack and put it inside the house.  I like this particular rack because it adjusts in height and width, too.  Next I needed something to use as the backdrop.

A quick trip to Walmart provided the solution.  I bought several plush and fleece blankets in different colors and styles.   They were all on sale $5 or less, so that made me even happier.

At Dollar Tree I bought plastic clothes pins that have a very wide opening and fit around the top bar of the rack.  I hung one blanket over the rack and secured it with the clothes pins on top.  I then pushed the clothes pins down so you couldn’t see them from the top.
I also bought a floor lamp at Walmart for extra light when we are shooting the videos.

Here are the results.  Note, these photos are raw, unedited photos.  I still plan on adjusting the brightness, etc.  And I need to work with lighting a little bit.  But overall, it was easy and they came out great.  The hard part now is picking a favorite to use for photo gifts. 
Peace themed blanket

Solid black plush blanket

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