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pet stuff tower product review
As any pet owner knows, pets have lots of STUFF.  We recently adopted a puppy and I was getting tired of having multiple bags of dog food on the floor and no where to put them.  I was searching for something that looked nice, would keep the food fresh, and would also hold some of Cooper’s other things.  That’s when I found the Pet Stuff Tower from Richell.
pet stuff tower2
The Pet Stuff Tower is a little under 3 feet tall and has 2 generously sized bins.  It snaps together without tools for very easy assembly.  The bottom bin has a foot pedal so you can easily access it without using your hands.  Both bins feature snap-lock lids to keep food fresh.  We are in the middle of switching Cooper to a different variety of dog food.  Right now we are slowly giving him more of the new food and less of the old food so we can’t just store his food directly in the bin.  Once he is only on one type of food we will be keeping his food loose in the bottom bin.   Each bin holds up to 8 pounds of dry pet food and you can easily remove a bin to clean it out if needed.

pet stuff tower
There are hooks on both sides that you can use to hang a lease, hang a bag, or many other things.  You can also use the flat area on top to keep some of your pooch’s other things.  Just make sure to not overload either bin or the top.  In our top bin we are keeping all of Cooper’s things.  It is a pretty big space so I was able to put lots of things in it.  You can see in the picture above that I have 1 really long leash, 1 wire cable, a bandana, a dog hair brush, a rotary nail trimmer, pet wipes, and several toys and there is still plenty of room.  You could also use the top bin to store food for another pet, treats, etc.  It also includes a 1 1/2 cup food scoop that can be used as a food bowl.  We are keeping our Pet Stuff Tower right next to where we feed Cooper so everything is contained and not all over the place.  It looks so much less cluttered now.
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