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With the sun and chemicals from the pool, my hair has definitely taken a beating this summer. I was noticing it was getting really frizzy and just really dull looking. I tried all kinds of expensive shampoos, cheap shampoos, leave in conditioners… Nothing seemed to be working. Just as I was thinking about getting all of my hair chopped off I found Neocell.

Neocell offers a wide verity of wellness and beauty products. I was able to review Keratin Hair Volumizer, Biotin Bursts Soft Chews and Super Collagen +C. All of which I was very excited to try out. I am all about trying new health and beauty products.

Keratin Hair Volumizer


What Is Keratin Hair Volumizer?
“Keratin hair volumizer is an all-natural solution for strong, lustrous, and thickhealthy hair that starts from the inside. Dry, brittle,thinning hair is associated with a lack of nutrients thatare essential to strong and resilient hair. Keratin HairVolumizer contains clinically proven ingredients toenhance hair strength and reduce normal hair loss.”

I have been taking Keratin Hair Volumizer for a little over 2 weeks and I can already see the difference in my hair. I have some pretty curly hair and this has made such a difference. I don’t have to use as much styling product which cuts my “getting ready time”. All I have to do is take 2 pills twice a day. Super easy!


I am going to continue to take the Keratin Hair Volumizer and let you know what happens. I can only imagine nothing but good things. I love BIG hair!



What is COLLAGEN +C – 6,000MG?

“Provides specific amino acids necessary to replenishing the body’s collagen supply helps minimize fine lines & wrinkles, and improves elasticity in the skin builds and supports bone matrix, corrects weak, broken, split and damaged nail beds thickens fine hair, adds body and slows down hair loss repairs connective tissues for improved elasticity; improves circulation; promotes wound healing glycine builds lean muscle to help burn fat while you sleep.”

That being said, who wouldn’t want to take this product? I’m sold. The description totally speaks for itself. I think this is definitely something you need to take daily and long term to see the full effects. So far I like what I see. I have yet to break a nail. Total bonus! I spend a lot of time in the sun and don’t always remember my sunblock. EEK! Hoping this will help reduce some of the sun damage my skin might already have so I can fight aging. Who doesn’t want that?

Biotin Bursts Soft Chews

“Having beautiful and radiant skin has never been so easy- or so delicious. NeoCell Biotin Bursts deliver high potency beauty nutrients in a delectable, gourmet soft chew. Formulated based off of scientifically proven ingredients NeoCell Biotin Bursts offer a delicious alternative to your daily biotin regimen. Each chew is low in sugar and was especially formulated to be as readily absorbable as possible in delicious Brazilian Acai Berry flavor. Healthy hair and skin were never this easy, or sweet!”

By far my favorite of the 3. I keep my Biotin Bursts Soft Chews in the fridge and I remember to take them every morning before breakfast. Such a yummy flavor and I am a big believer in Biotin. I used to take it a long time ago, but I had to take a ton of tiny little pills at once and that was a pain in the rear. These chews give me 10,000 mcg in one little chew. Score! These should be apart of everyone’s daily routine. So many benefits in such a tiny chew!


About NeoCell
“The therapeutic benefits of collagen have been widely recognized in Europe and Asia for decades. At NeoCell, we are proud to say that we introduced collagen to the Americas.”

“Since our founding we have been continually enhancing our manufacturing processes so we are able to offer our customers the most bioavailable and bioactive collagen peptides on the market. We are proud to say millions of people have benefitted from our efforts and are now living a more youthful life.”

“Today, NeoCell is the #1 collagen brand in the world and a leader in the field of nutritional science. While we have grown considerably over the years, one thing has never changed – our commitment to finding the most innovative and effective nutraceutical supplements.”

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