Bungee Virtual Lost+Found Tags Review

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Bungee Virtual Lost Found Tags Review

We all have electronics, wallets, and keys, but what happens when we lose our precious possessions?  If you lose your wallet someone MIGHT look you up by your ID to return your wallet.  And if you lose your cellphone someone MIGHT go through your contacts if you phone isn’t locked to try to find out whose phone it is and contact you.  Or they MIGHT answer your phone if the battery is still charged when you call it.  But all those options require a lot of effort on the part of the good Samaritan.   Now there is an easier solution- Bungee Virtual Lost+Found Tags.  Each Bungee Pack contains 1 Lost Wallet Card, 1 Lost Keys Tag, and 21 stick-on tags in various shapes to stick to fit on all of your property.  They even give you a few long skinny tags to put on the inside arm of your sunglasses.  Once you receive your Bungee Pack tag your stuff and easily activate your unique Bungee Tag Serial Number on the Bungee Tag website.  Your unique serial number will be linked to your cellphone number.  So what next?

Here’s how Bungee Tags work:about_faqWith Bungee Tags the good Samaritan reads the Bungee Tag on your lost item and anonymously sends you a text and e-mail through the Bungee Tag system so neither of you have to worry about a stranger getting your personal info.  Communicate anonymously with the kind stranger to arrange for the safe return of your item.  I hope I never need to use Bungee Tags but I tagged all of our important property, including my children’s electronics, because you never know.  You can purchase Bungee Tags in several packages from a 2 year plan to a 5 year family plan.  Plans start at $19 for the 2 year plan which includes 23 Bungee Tags.
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Here are some FAQ:

Where does Bungee work?
Bungee works internationally anywhere in the world where text messaging and internet/email work.

What cell phone carriers does Bungee work with?
Bungee works with all of the major cell phone carriers in the United States. As long as you have text message capability on your phone (and who doesn’t?) you are good to go.

I am having problems activating Bungee. Who should I contact?
You may send an email to info@bungeetags.com and leave us contact information. We will contact you immediately.

Do I have to activate Bungee?
Yes. You must go through the activation process either via text message or on our website. If Bungee is not activated, it will not work.

Will you return my property?
No. Bungee is a system that allows two parties to communicate anonymously and safely in order to arrange a return.

What if I lose my cell phone?
Bungee works through text message and email so if you have lost your cell phone, you will be notified via email.

What if I change my phone number or email address?
If you change any of your information, you can update it here in our account section

I lost something. What should I do?
Do what you would normally do if you lost something. Bungee works when the finder takes action and sometimes lost property ends up in lost and found departments or with the police. Make sure that you check with the appropriate parties. In other words, don’t just sit there and do nothing.

I found something. What should I do?
Follow the instructions on the tag and send a text message or you may report the find here.

How does Bungee protect my privacy?
Bungee allows you to label your property without putting personal information on it. When the property is found, Bungee bridges an anonymous conversation (through our system) between you and the finder. Your telephone number and email are never revealed by us.

Can I link more than one account to my cell phone and email?
Yes, you may link an unlimited amount of serial numbers/accounts to your cell phone number and email.

Do I have to register separately for each piece of property?
Generally no. If the tags that you are putting on each piece of property have the same serial number on them (and they do if they came together), you only have to activate the serial number once. But for each unique serial number you have to go through the activation process.

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