8 Awesome Tips To Help You Look Younger Than You Are

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Wouldn’t you like to knock a few years off your real age? Of course, you would. Every woman in the world would like to look a little younger than she is, and I am sure that you are no different. When you have children, it seems as though your beauty regime takes a back seat to the rest of your life. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are eight awesome tips to help you shed those years.

1. Wear sunscreen

Getting a tan might seem like an excellent idea, but science shows that it damages your skin more than you know. If you want your skin to stay firm and wrinkle-free, you need to wear sunscreen all the time. Wear a cream with an SPF of forty or more for the best results.

2. Get the right moisturizer

Your moisturizing routine should be simple and easy to remember. You need to use a cream that suits your skin, while making it appear fresh and new. The Lifecell All-in-One anti aging cream is the perfect example of an action-packed moisturizer. Remember, you need to use the cream twice a day so that your skin does not dry out at all.

3. Choose a flattering hair color

You might think that going bleach blonde will make you look young, but sometimes it can have the opposite effect. If you pick a hair color that does not suit your face or skin tone, it will add years to the way you look. Ask your hairdresser for their expert opinion and take things from there.

4. Whiten your teeth

If you are a smoker or a coffee drinker, you might find that your teeth look a little yellow or gray. Look in the mirror and smile. Could your teeth be whiter than they are? If they could, you can get a home dye kit to whiten your teeth.

5. Perfect your makeup routine

Sometimes, the way you do your makeup can make you look old. If you have not changed your makeup routine in the last ten years, it is time to do so. You can get a free consultation at your local department store. The makeup artist will show you how to update your makeup in no time at all.

6. Brighten up tired eyes

If your eyes look dull and lifeless, you can solve that problem right away. There are now loads of eye drop solutions that help to put the sparkle back into your eyes. You should shop around until you find the right solution for you. Read the directions on the pack and make sure that you stick to them.

7. Stop eating salt

You don’t have to change your diet altogether, but there is one thing you should cut out. If you eat loads of salt with every meal, you will be making yourself look older than you are. Salt helps your body to keep fluids, and that means that you start to bloat and look fat. If you can, you should stop adding salt to your meals.

8. Get less sleep than you do now

You might think that getting loads of sleep will make you look youthful. In fact, studies have shown that people who oversleep look older than people who sleep just six hours per night. After a hard day at work, you might feel as though you need to sleep for hours and hours, but you don’t.


Every woman deserves to feel great about the way she looks. If you don’t like your current appearance, there is still time to change it for the better. These awesome tips will help you along the way to being the best you that you can be!

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