Littlest Pet Shop Viewing Party Review @HubTVNetwork #LittlestPetShop

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Have you heard the news?  The Littlest Pet Shop has come to the HUB Network with entertaining shows about Blythe and her Littlest Pet Shop animal friends.  My girls were so excited that were were selected to host a Littlest Pet Shop viewing party where they screened 2 Littlest Pet Shop episodes- Blythe’s Big Adventure- Part 1 and Littlest Pet Shop episodes- Blythe’s Big Adventure- Part 2.  We were sent these cute Littlest Pet Shop masks for each child as well as a Littlest Pet Shop foldable brush and Littlest Pet Shop lip gloss.

What television screening is complete without some popcorn!  YUMMY!In episode 1 Blythe Baxter moves to the big city and learns that she can communicate with the pets in the Littlest Pet Shop that is in her building.  She spends her time going on fun musical adventures with her new friends.

In episode 2 the pets of The Littlest Pet Shop get Blythe to help them save the pet shop from going out of business.  Blythe is an aspiring fashion designer so she hosts a pet fashion show in hops of saving the day.

All the children who attended loved watching The Littlest Pet Shop episodes.  The moms tried asking the kids questions and they totally tuned us out because they were having such a good time.  My 8 year old said her favorite part was when the bucket of chocolate icing and kitty litter fell on the biscuit twins and my 6 year old’s favorite part was ALL OF IT!

The Hub TV Network, a destination for kids and their families, brings together two series featuring beloved characters on Saturday, November 10 with the premiere of the all-new animated series “Littlest Pet Shop” (11 a.m. ET) and the highly anticipated third-season premiere of pop culture phenomenon My Little Pony Friendship is Magic” (10 a.m. ET).  The Hub Original Series, produced by Hasbro Studios, will each launch with two half-hour, all-new back-to-back episodes.

The half-hour animated comedy series follows young Blythe and her father as they move into a Big City apartment above the Littlest Pet Shop – an amazing day-camp for pets of all kinds including an adorable panda, dancing gecko and dog diva.  But the real adventure begins when Blythe discovers she can miraculously understand and talk with the animals!  The pets may be small, but their big personalities often lead to uproarious pop music-inspired song and dance sequences featuring all-new original music.

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