Gluten-Free Goldfish Puffs Review

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It’s almost lunch time again. Seems like a constant battle at our house, lunch or dinner, to decide what we are going to eat. I tend to get sick of eating the same thing over and over again. Thankfully the last few days we threw in a new twist. New Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Puffs! We are big supports of the regular Pepperidge Farm gold fish, so I was super curios about the puffs.
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Now I must admit I am not a fan of any sort of chip that’s “puffed”. I am a huge texture person and it’s just not really my thing. But because of my love for the Goldfish family we gave them a try.

photo 5

We were lucky enough to check out 3 interesting flavors. Mega Cheese, Cheddar Bacon, and Buffalo Wings. With names like that who wouldn’t want to try them out? Plus as an added bonus I found out they are gluten free. Score!

Mega Cheese:

photo 4

With Cheedar Cheese, Asiago Cheese, and Romano Cheese the name says it all. This puffy little snacks are jammed packed full of CHEESE. Perfect for all cheese lovers. Total hit at our house. We eat cheese with just about everything!

Cheddar Bacon:

photo 3 copy

Everything is always better with bacon. Once we opened this bag, the air was instantly filled with cheesy bacon goodness. When eating the Cheddar Bacon puff you instantly taste the cheese. The bacon comes after. It’s an instant win win for sure. As you can see they were the Hubby’s favorite.
photo copy

Buffalo Wings:
photo 2 copy 4
Great for game day! Why eat the wings when you can have this combo? When opening the bag you get an instant smell of what resembled blue cheese. The taste is very cheesy as well. Not so much blue cheese, more of a nacho tangy cheese. We didn’t taste too much buffalo sauce though, but still a nice little puff.

Seems they all have about 140 calories per serving which isn’t too shabby. I think these will definitely be a hit at our house

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