Fijit Friends and Yippits Product Review

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Fijit Friends by Mattel are your new interactive best friends.  There are several different Fijit friends and they each have their own likes and personalities.  We were sent Sage to review and she is adorable.  All Fijit friends have a squishy soft body that is fun to poke and squeeze.  Turn her on and she’ll begin to respond to you.  She responds with over 100 built-in phrases and jokes.  She comes with a “cheat sheet” of key phrases to say to her to get her to interact.  Say “Chat With Me” and Fijit will ask you questions about your day, the weather, and much more.  Say “Dance With Me” and Fijit will ask if you want to dance to your music or hers.   Fijit recognizes different types of music and will dance to what music you play or to her own built in music.   Turn on your favorite tunes and watch Fijit dance along to the beat.  Say “Tell Me a Joke” and Fijit will crack you up with her silly jokes.
Check out the Fijit Friends website for even more fun.  Fijit has a button on the back of her head that puts her in Chirp Mode.  In chirp mode she will respond to Yippits (Fijit Friend’s robotic dogs) as well as special extras on the Fijit Friends website extras page.  On the Extras Page there are 6 special phrases and jokes to click on.  The computer will emit a chirping sound that Fijit will ear and respond to.  There are also 6 new dance songs on the extras page that Fijit will hear the chirps and dance to. 
Yippits are like little interactive robotic animals.  They dance, learn tricks, and play games with you.  They speak their own Yippits language.  We received Patter, the pink Yippit, which is perfect for my girly girls.  Yippits come with a “Cheat Sheet” that tells you how to teach it tricks.  It will react differently depending on the number of times you clap.  They can dance, sit, beg, and more.  Yippits also play 2 different games.  In the first came Yippit will light up in a pattern and you have to try to repeat the pattern.  In the second came Yippit will light up and you have to try to keep up with Yippit by pressing the correct lights.
Yippits also interact with Fijit Friends.  Turn your Fijit Friend’s Chirp mode on and she will respond to Yippit’s chirps.  They will dance and play together.

They are so adorable.
Together or individually, Fijit Friends and Yippits make great holiday gifts.

Right now a few of the Fijit Friends are on sale on Walmart’s website:

Fijit Friends Serefina only $15

Fijit Friends Willa $15


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