Envirosax- Product Review and Giveaway

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I recently received several ecofriendly reusable Envirosax bags to try out with my family from Conservingnow.com.  These bags are not only beautiful, but functional,  as well.  Conservingnow.com was nice enough to send the Optimisitc Envirosax Bag Style #4 for me:

and TWO of the Envirosax Bunny Style bags for my girls:

My Little Helper Modeling her Envirosax bag:

There are 46 different styles of Envirosax including some Sesame Street ones for children.  There are styles to suit everyone’s tastes.  They are very stylish yet functional.  I love that I can bring them where ever I go and I don’t feel like I am dragging an ugly sack with me.  They roll up very small and can fit right in my purse or in my glove compartment so I can always have them with me when I shop.

And the styles for children are adorable.  No matter where we go, my girls like to bring their Bunny Envirosax bags filled with their toys and books.

Conservingnow.com also offers FREE decals that people can put in their car windows as reminders to take their reusable bags with them when they shop.  I know I personally want to always use reuasable bags when I shop but I am often already in the store when I remember.  Now with this FREE reminder decal from Conservingnow.com I have a visual reminder on my car to remind me when I get out of my car.

ConservingNow.com Free Car Window Static Cling Reminder

Here is some information on Conservingnow.com.  I love how they care about the environment and they have made it their mission to education families and school children about protecting the environment.  As a former teacher I especially love the work they are doing with schools.


ConservingNow.com was created by a mother and daughter who are very passionate about the environment. As more people began to think about carrying their own reusable bags, it became clear that  people needed a little help to change the habit of using convenient plastic bags to reusable bags. The idea was conceived after watching shopper after shopper when asked at the checkstand, “Paper or Plastic?” exclaim that they had forgotten their bags AGAIN.

The founders also believed that simple actions could have a huge impact on the environment and consequently launched a community called www.conservingnow.com for earth friendly people who care about the planet. Their first campaign is all about eliminating plastic bags from the environment. Their community members are concerned about future generations and what they will have to live with because of our “disposable habits”. Their community members understand the harmful effects that plastic bags have on our environment and are committed to take action.

ConservingNow.com’s goals are threefold:

1) Change behavior of adults (use reusable bags for all shopping trips).

ConservingNow.com came up with a FREE CAR WINDOW STATIC CLING to remind shoppers to grab their bags when they leave their car.


2) Educate young people and their families about the harmful effects of plastic bags to our oceans and environment.

ConservingNow.com has classroom kits for teachers as well as free resources for parents, families, teachers and schools.


3) Create a community change blog.

ConservingNow.com has a one-stop resource where individuals, municipalities and corporations can find out what other areas of the country are doing either with environmental initiatives or legislatively.


ConservingNow.com also sells reusable bags, ecokits and other assorted reminder products. 100% of their profits go toward funding classroom kits and individual static cling reminders.

In their first year, Conservingnow.com’s community has grown to over 125,000 members each of whom has received a FREE static cling reminder. They are really seeing tremendous traction with city-wide, corporate, community organization and school initiatives through their partnering programs. Additionally, they have distributed classroom kits to schools across the United States and Canada along with the thousands of downloads of their parent and teacher materials.

ConservingNow.com also has over 11,000 very active fans on Facebook. ConservingNow.com hosts a daily dynamic conversation, covering all aspects of living a greener life.

ConservingNow on Facebook

Given that most individuals use on average 500-700 plastic bags per year, ConservingNow.com‘s community is responsible for keeping over 60 million bags out of the ecosystem and they have only just begun!

ConservingNow.com is actively working with supporters, partners and like-minded individuals to help spread the word. Won’t you join us? It is by working together that we can really make a difference!

I was given the 3 Envirosax bags mentioned from ConservingNow.com to facilitate my review but I was not compensated in any other way.  This review is entirely my own honest opinions.

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