SushiQuik At-Home Sushi Making Kit Product Review and Giveaway

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SushiQuik Sushi Making Kit
My husband and I love sushi but we have always been too intimidated to make it at home.  Sushi can get expensive so it is a treat when we go out for sushi.  We’ve tried sushi from the local grocery store but it just isn’t the same.  I recently found out about SushiQuik sushi making kit and I knew I had to try it.  I bought all the ingredients that I needed, made the rice according to the package directions, and then realized that I forgot to buy nori (the seaweed wrappers).  I didn’t have anything else to use to wrap the sushi so I had to give up my idea for a sushi lunch that day.  DOH!  Make sure you have all the supplies you need to make sushi BEFORE you make your rice!

The next time I went to the grocery store I purchased nori and was ready to make my sushi.  I put sushi rice in my rice cooker and cooked it according to the directions.  While the rice was cooking I assembled my ingredients.  What is great about making sushi is that you can fill it with whatever ingredients you want.  I was making several different types of rolls so I had carrots, avocado, cream cheese, imitation crab meat, and shrimp tempura.  I cut my ingredients into smaller pieces so they would fit inside my rolls.  If you have pieces of filling that are too big, your roll will not stay together.  When the rice finished cooking I stirred in a tablespoon of rice wine vinegar and I was ready to start rolling.
sushiquik collage

It is so easy to roll sushi with the SushiQuik sushi making kit.  First lay the white mat out on top of the black stand.  There is a tab on the bottom of the mat that fits into a slot on the stand so it stays in place.  Place a piece of nori flat on the white mat and cover it with the frame making sure that you can see the nori through the slit on the top of the frame.  Using the rice paddle, place rice on top of the nori and spread it to cover the entire surface of the inside of the frame.  Make sure it is the same height of the frame and not higher.  I kept a cup of water next to me and found it easier to dip my fingers in the water and use them to press the rice down and spread it out to fit inside the frame.  Some people might prefer to only use the rice paddle.  The choice is yours.  Make sure there is no rice across the end of the nori that is furthest from you.  Remove the frame and you are ready to add your ingredients across your nori about 1/4 of the way down the area of the rice.  Do not over stuff or your roll will be too thick.  When you have all your ingredients on your rice, dip your fingers into the water and moisten the nori on the end opposite you.  Now start rolling the sushi from the bottom end that is closer to you.  Continue rolling up the mat with your sushi inside until you reach the end making sure to tighten the roll as you go.  When you get to the end, wrap the moistened end around your roll to seal it.  Place your roll on a cutting board and put the cutting guide over it.  Use the cutting guide to easily cut your sushi into equal pieces.  You can use the end caps from the roller as dipping sauce cups for soy sauce, eel sauce, or whatever you like to dip your sushi in.  Feel free to experiment with different fillings and different sauces.  The options are limitless.  My husband was surprise when he came home and tried the sushi I had made.  He thought it had come from a restaurant and said he will never buy sushi from the grocery store again.
I created 2 different varieties of sushi and I already have ideas for the next time.  This time I made one roll with imitation crab meat, cream cheese, avocado, and carrots and the second roll had shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado, and carrots.  I was really amazed how easy the SushiQuik was to use.  Both my girls (7 and 9 years old) were able to make rolls themselves with supervision.  I love how the SushiQuik kit rolls up for easy storage, too, which is important because space in my kitchen is so limited.  If you love sushi, try making it yourself at home with the SushiQuik.  It would make a great holiday gift for any sushi lover, too.
Making Sushi
You can order the SushiQuik Kit on their website and on Amazon.

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