Summer Hairstyles I Can’t Wait To Try Out

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There is something about the summer season that makes us all more experimental and creative with our clothing, makeup, and hair. The brightness and warmth seem to make us all happier and more confident in ourselves. I for one cannot wait to try out all the beautiful hairstyles I’ve come across recently on beauty blogs and in fashion magazines. From pleats to ponytails to curls, I’ve got a lot to get through! I hope you find some ideas in here that you too want to give a go this summer.


Braids (in all shapes, sizes, and directions)

Braids continue to be very popular with us ladies. And it’s not hard to see why. They are so versatile, pretty, and they suit everyone. I’ve come across some really intricate and tricky styles that look absolutely amazing, but a lot of work. If you are up for the effort, good for you. I think I’d find these styles too time-consuming and frustrating so I’ll be opting for easier but just as pretty braids. I love big bohemian side braids, especially when they incorporate ribbons or flowers. I think this is the perfect style for a festival, garden party or picnic at the park. Another look I’ll be trying is tiny braids dispersed throughout the hair. This gives a really beautiful laid-back feel and would be perfect for a day at the beach.


Beach babe waves

No summer would be complete without giving your hair the beach babe treatment! Most people think this look only works if you have long hair. But I think waves in short hair also look super cute.There are a few different ways to get beach babe waves but the one I intend to try out is this:

  • Use your curling irons to create a mixture of thin, medium and chunky curls throughout your hair.
  • However, don’t curl entire sections of hair. Leaving a little but uncurled at the bottom creates the best effect.
  • Turn your head upside down and shake gently to loosen up the curls.
  • Apply a sea salt hair spray to complete your tousled textured look.


Super sleek ponytail

I love a sleek ponytail; it looks so sophisticated. Also, this style is so versatile. It looks right at home with a casual weekend outfit, at work or on a glamorous night out. To get your ponytail as smooth as possible, it really helps to straighten your hair first. If you don’t already have one, I would recommend getting the best hair straightener you can afford, as the cheaper ones won’t do nearly as good a job. A quality hairspray will also help to keep flyaways at bay. The trend at the moment is low ponytails, but this style doesn’t suit everyone, so I think it’s best to position it wherever you feel it looks best.

Well there you have it, the hairstyles I’ll be wearing next season. I hope you have gathered some inspiration for your own locks. Here’s to having fabulous hair this summer!


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