Style Your Home With Wonderful Wood

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When it comes to decorating and renovating the home many of us have a favorite material. One of the most popular to use is natural wood; it’s so versatile and can create a warm and inviting home. There are so many areas of a home that can incorporate wood. It’s durable, low-maintenance, and it lends a beautiful aesthetic to the property.

Here is a list of some of my favourite ways to use wood in my home. These are all things I recommend you try, and see how you get on. Check them out, and you’ll thank me later!

Front Door

The front door is one of the key areas of the home. It provides safety, security, and is the face of the property. As a result, it has to be a combination of durable and attractive. A lot of people enjoy using uPVC for their front doors, but I always think this looks strange on the front of the home. Instead, I would recommend that you go for a lovely wooden front door. It’s classy, elegant, and it makes the home much safer.


If you have a fireplace in your home, then the chances are you will have a mantelpiece (or space for one). Now, if you make sure that your mantelpiece is made entirely out of wood, it’s sure to be one of your favourite parts of the entire home. It looks incredible and can really help to complement the rest of the property. The fire just wouldn’t look the same were it not framed by a wooden mantle.


In many houses, I’m sure, people will own a lot of books, and therefore need to have somewhere to put them all. And that’s why it is essential to have bookcases up around the home. If you get bookcases for the home I would suggest making use of wood. You can go for a simple oak or deep cherry colour. It gives that classic look and feel to your book collection. Plus it’s sturdy enough the house even the largest of hardbacks.


As well as bookcases you could put shelves up around the place. These are vital for storing and displaying all your nick-nacks and photo’s. They are a great way to save space, and make the home look great. Wooden ones are easy to assemble and they look terrific. Even better, they will complement any colour scheme and furniture. Or, you could mix and match different woods to go for an eclectic look.


The floor of the home is such an important area, so you need to get the material right. That’s why you should visit and take a look at the hardwood floors on offer. They are durable, trendy, and best of all they’re easy to look after. If you need to think about relaying your floors, I would suggest you go with hardwood ones.

As you can see, it’s easy to make as much use of wood in and around the home. These are just some of my favourite parts of a property that use wood. I’m always looking for new and improved ways to benefit my home as much as possible. Check these out, and maybe they will inspire you to embrace wood as your favorite material.

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